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Help a Worthy Cause by Simply Choosing Crosby® Wire Rope Clips

Make a difference in the lives of military children who have lost a parent by simply choosing Crosby® brand wire rope clips.

How to Safely Apply Wire Rope Clips to Wire Rope Assemblies

Read how to safely apply wire rope clips to wire rope assemblies.

Wire Rope Clips from USCC Used to Construct 100+ Foot Suspended Bridge

USCC received an order for 300+ wire rope clips from an engineer in northern Connecticut. We made sure the customer got what they wanted, when they needed it.

How to Use Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips, sometimes called u-bolt clamps, are used to clamp the loose end of a length of wire rope, once it has been looped back to form an eye.

Wire Rope Clips and Safety

At US Cargo Control we offer a variety of wire rope clips. It is crazy that such a simple device could be s...

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