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Thank You Truckers! Celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2022

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week runs from September 11-17th and is dedicated to one of the most demanding and important jobs out there.

E-Track 101

Revolutionize your transportation setup with E-track, the industry standard for cargo control. Designed fo...

8 Useful Gifts All Practical People Will Love

We may be mid-way into December already, but if you’re still stumped on what to buy for the practical person in your life, we got you covered with 8 great gift ideas.

A Comprehensive Guide to Ratchet Straps

Learn all about ratchet straps, including what they are made of, how many you need, how to thread / release them, and more.

Versatile Equipment for Lifting, Rigging, & More - Meet Plasma® Slings

USCC now offers a wide selection of superior Plasma Slings and Ropes from Cortland.

Winter Truck Maintenance: 10 Tips to Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Cold temperatures are hard on the engine and the vehicle's components. Read our ten tips on how to prepare your truck for the winter.

9 Types of Trailers in the Trucking Industry, and Which Fits Your Freight Needs

Choose the right truck trailer for your freight by learning about the different types of trailers, and which is the most cost-effective.

A Complete Guide to Vehicle Tiedown Straps for Beginners

You may be wondering how to secure a stuck vehicle to your vehicle or trailer without the risk of damage...

What is D/d Ratio & Why is this Critical for Lifting Slings?

What effect does D/d Ratio have on lifting slings and their sling capacities?

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