Transport Chain & Binders

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of different Transport Chain, Chain Binders, and other accessory options for your flatbed trailer transport needs. We offer both import and domestic options. All our transport chain is made to NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) specifications. Our chains and binders are in stock and ready for delivery. We carry transport chain in drums or single chain assemblies, and we can also build custom cut chain assemblies to your specifications. Give our team a call with any product questions or help placing an order.

Transport Chain

From standard grade 70 transport chain, to heavier duty options in grade 80, 100, and 120 varieties, we have the right grade of tie down and binder chain to meet your needs. Transport chain is primarily used in the flatbed industry to tie down and secure loads; however, it is also useful in other industries such as towing, logging, safety, and oil rigging applications.

Log Chain

Transport chain can be used as logging chain. Grade 70 chain is approximately 20% stronger than grade 43 log chain and is great alternative for added strength and durability.

Chain Binders

Also known as load binders, chain binders are essential tie down equipment in the flatbed industry. We carry two styles of binders, ratchet-style and lever-style. A ratchet binder uses a ratcheting mechanism to tension the chain, while a lever binder uses leverage to tighten and secure the load. Choosing a binder type is generally based on personal preference.

Hooks for Transport Chain

We stock many different types of transport hooks depending on your specific needs. Some of the most common types of hooks include:

  • Clevis Grab Hook - The clevis grab hook is very common on transport chain ends. It features a shallow throat opening, allowing for easy and secure connections.
  • Clevis Grab Hook with Latch - This chain hook features a special latch to prevent chain from releasing and/or re-hooking when removing.
  • Clevis Slip Hook - Also known as a sling hook, this durable chain hook features a wider throat than clevis grab hooks.
  • Clevis Slip Hook with Latch - A wider throat than a clevis grab hook makes it easy to quickly secure, and the added safety latch ensures it's held in place.

How is Chain Grade Measured?

Chain grades are specified by the NACM (National Association of Chain Manufacturers) and the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards that define the dimensional, mechanical, and compositional requirements that determine the proof of the steel, minimum breaking force required, elongation, etc. The combination of these measures determines the working load limit that each heavy-duty chain can handle before risk of breakage. These factors are tested in a laboratory setting to ensure chain load capacity. Check out our blog post on chain grades for even more information on the different chain grades available.

Chain suppliers are required to clearly mark 5/16" and 3/8" chain links with their grade within 1-foot intervals along the truck chains, and within 3-foot intervals for 1/2" chain. This is to ensure easy identification and promote safety. It is very important to use the right heavy-duty chain for the load you are transporting. These rules are DOT enforced.

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Our knowledgeable staff of product experts is here to help. Give our team a call for any product questions or help placing an order. Don't forget, we do special orders! If you don't see what you need, we will help you find it.