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Rigging Supplies & Rigging Hardware
Rigging Supplies & Rigging Hardware

Rigging Equipment from US Cargo Control

Find all of the rigging hardware you need for your application right here! We carry a wide range of products - from smaller components like anchor shackles and eye bolts to industry staples like lifting slings and chain hoists

Crosby® Rigging Hardware

Crosby® is a trusted manufacturer and industry leader for lifting and rigging products. They are constantly raising the bar by providing innovative, high-quality solutions that are made in the USA.

We offer a wide selection of Crosby® rigging products, including lifting clamps, turnbuckles, and wire rope thimbles.

Straightpoint Load Cells

Get precise load readings with a Straightpoint load cell. Available in a number of different styles, load cells are sensors that help you monitor load tension. Their input can help make your worksite safer, as well as extend the life of your equipment.

They are used in many industries, including shipping, construction, staging, lifting, and more.

Lifting Slings

The benefits of each type of lifting sling make them appropriate for a number of different applications.

For example, nylon rigging slings are well-suited for delicate or finished equipment due to the pliability of the webbing. Polyester round slings, on the other hand, are ideal when you require very little stretch.

Explore all of our lifting slings to find the one that will work best for you!

Lifting Beams and Spreader Bars

Lift heavy loads with your crane safely using a lifting beam or spreader bar. Both are below-the-hook crane rigging equipment and exceed all ASME B30.20 and OSHA regulations.

Lifting beams connect to your load via a single lifting point, so they are the better choice for low headroom applications.

Spreader bars have multiple connection points to spread of the load evenly across its length, making them less susceptible to shearing and bending.

Wire Rope Rigging Products and Accessories

Wire and cable rope are rigging essentials. Choose from different diameters, finishes, and strand count to find the perfect rope for your application.

We also carry wire rope rigging tools - including heavy-duty turnbuckles, wire rope clips, and thimbles.

Rigging Shackles

Shackles are the links that bring your rigging system together. Whether you need anchor shackles, D-shackles, or something more specialized, you can find it here!

Rigging Working Load Limit

One of the most crucial factors when deciding on your rigging hardware is working load limit (WLL). WLL is the maximum allowable loading force the product should be subjected to.

Using a product with an inadequate WLL is a safety hazard, so make sure the product you choose is up for the task before making your purchase.


Not sure exactly what rigging supplies or lifting hardware you need? Have a question about working load limit or custom products? Call to speak to one of our product experts today.