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Vehicle Safety Supplies

Vehicle Safety Supplies

Safety Equipment for Trucks

Nothing is more important than safety on the road. Whether you drive long-distance or locally, work with standard cargo or hazardous materials, US Cargo Control has the truck safety products you need to make it a priority. 

Truck Safety Accessories

From standard accessories like log books, inspection books, wheel chocks, and lighting to cones, triangles, and reflective vests for work outside the cab, you'll find what you need for safe transport.

As we continue to increase this line of truck safety equipment, look for new items to be added. If there is something you would like to see US Cargo Control carry, please let us know.

Commercial Truck Safety Kits

Get everything you need for your oversize load in one kit! Choose from either an Essentials kit or a Supreme kit.

Both contain an oversize load sign, safety flags, and safety flag magnets.

We also offer standalone wide load signs, flags, and warning banners that make it easy to keep in check with regulations. 

Reflective Tape

Many of the truck safety product solutions we offer have something in common: they make your truck / flatbed / trailer more visible. Conspicuity tape is no exception.

Designed to be brighter than standard reflective tape, conspicuity tape come in two color combinations: red / white and silver / white, each with their own applications.

Truck Lights

Many industries require vehicle warning lights. Choose from a number of LED lights - offering increased reliability and energy efficiency - to find the option appropriate for your situation. 

Variations include beacon lights, warning lights, and light bars (standard and mini).

Wheel Chocks

Make sure your truck or trailer stays in place when parked with wheel chocks. Available for individual purchase or in a 2-pack truck safety kit, these chocks come in a variety of styles.

Driver Supplies

The need for safety extends to every facet of your load, including the driver.

Stock up on truck driver safety equipment such as reflective vests and hard hats, as well as warning triangles, a vehicle accident investigation kit, a hi-vis seat belt cover, and more.


Our sales professionals will be happy to help! If you aren't sure which truck safety supplies will work best for your application, call us today.

We also carry an extensive line of other essential trucking and transportation equipment, including load straps, transport chain and binders, corner protectors, and E-track systems.