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ATV & UTV Tie Downs

ATV and UTV Trailer Tie Downs

Our ATV and UTV tie downs are incredibly versatile, allowing you to securely transport your off-road and utility vehicles with ease.

ATV Trailer Tie Down Points

To create your tie down setup, you will need anchor points for attaching your straps or other accessories.

Depending on your trailer and if you plan to transport a variety of UTVs or cargo, you may prefer to use single track fittings, long lengths of E-track or L-track, or D-rings.

The main benefit of E-track and L-track rails is the flexibility. Each rail comes with slats along the entirety of its length, so it's easy to switch up your anchor points based on what you need to tie down.

Both track styles are popular, so it's easy to find straps and other accessories that are compatible with either. One reason to consider L-Track over E-track is that our standard L-track comes in a variety of colors, so you can color-coordinate with your trailer or UTV brand. We even offer an olive color to match camo straps!

Single track fittings, D-rings, and other smaller anchor points are a good option if you are always going to be securing the same utility vehicle. They are permanently mounted and have only one connection point, making them less adaptable to different cargo. Since the size/placement of your cargo shouldn't change, it won;t matter that you can't adjust your anchor points each time.

Most of these can be mounted to either the floor or the the walls of your truck or trailer. Once they are attached, you can use tie down straps to complete your system.

Straps for your UTV Tie Downs

Our UTV straps for trailers are constructed from durable, high-quality 1-2" webbing. 

They come with a variety of end fittings and can be tightened using either a ratchet or a cam buckle to ensure your ATV will stay in place.

Utility Vehicle Tie Down Kits

Buy a kit or UTV tie down system to get most of the basics in one.

Choices include an E-track hauling kit with wheel straps that can be used as a UTV tie down, an L-track kit with removable single stud fittings for flexibility, and an anchor point kit

Some kits come with straps, others don't. If you choose one without straps, make sure any straps you purchase have end fittings that are compatible with the anchor points in your kit.

Side by Side Tie Down Accessories

Tie down accessories help you customize your setup.

Strap covers can protect your ATV's paint job, while L-track end caps and filler strips create a smoother transition between your trailer and the track.

We also offer a number of different stud fittings for both styles of track.

How to Tie Down an ATV on your Trailer

Before starting this process, check your owner's manual and your state's DOT regulations to see if they have any UTV tie down guidance or requirements.

The instructions below are for a ratchet or cam buckle strap. If you are using a different kind of tie down strap, not all of these instructions will apply.

  1. Attach your ratchet or cam buckle straps to the appropriate anchor point tie down positions on the trailer. 
  2. Load your ATV onto the trailer - ensure that the utility vehicle is lined up straight between your tiedowns.
  3. Take the long end of your cam or ratchet strap and feed it up through the frame - avoid attaching the strap to parts that are vulnerable to breaking, like the axles.
  4. Pull the slack out of the strap, then begin tightening. It will be hard to securely tie down your ATV or UTV if you have too much webbing spooling around the shaft.
  5. If you are using a ratchet strap, be careful not to over-tighten, as this could damage your side by side.
  6. If you have any excess webbing, you can wrap it around the taut strap. This will prevent it from blowing around during transit, possibly acting as a hazard to other drivers.
  7. Repeat until you have secured four tie down points - two in the front and two in the back of the ATV. This ensures there will be no forward, backward, or side-to-side movement.

Prefer to watch a video instead? Check out our tutorials on tying down an ATV with either ratchet straps or cam straps.


If you have questions or concerns about which UTV tie downs are right for you, call to speak to one of our product experts today!