Horizontal Lifelines

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    • 11/16" solid-core nylon kernmantle rope
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    • Max Number of Workers: 2 per span, 6 total
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Temporary Horizontal Lifelines

If your worksite doesn't have available anchor points for people working at height, it's still crucial to use a fall protection system. That's where horizontal lifeline systems come in - they are installed along the length of a roof, loading dock, bridge, etc. to let workers move around a horizontal space without changing the location of their anchor.

It provides reliable fall restraint to keep your crew safe while they work.

FallTech Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Our FallTech horizontal fall protection systems are incredibly versatile. Ideal for general industry and maintenance work, they are lightweight, portable (they even come with storage bags), and easy to install. Heavy-duty pass-through sling anchors are included so you can easily add an anchor point where needed, and the lifelines come in multiple lengths to suit a variety of spaces.

Designed to accommodate between 2 and 4 workers, the systems come with a corresponding number of connecting O-rings, perfect for connection with self-retracting lifelines and shock-absorbing lanyards.


Learn more about our horizontal lifelines and other fall protection equipment by calling to speak to one of our product experts today.