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Towing Supplies & Car Hauling Equipment
Towing Supplies & Car Hauling Equipment

Tow Supplies

Our towing supplies and car hauling equipment products are made to last. Constructed from high-quality materials, they can withstand the vigorous demands of the towing industry.

Tow Truck Supplies

Make sure you have the equipment you need to tow or recover an ATV, car, semi, even heavy equipment like a harvester.

Towing & Recovery Straps

Towing and recovery straps are a staple in the towing industry. 

Our recovery straps are made from industrial-grade nylon and are available in a wide variety of widths, lengths, and plies, so it's easy to find the right one for your application. Learn more about choosing the correct strap, starting with calculating the necessary working load limit to extract a stuck vehicle.

Tow straps, on the other hand, are made from polyester, a material with less stretch than nylon. This reduces the chances of the car or pickup sling-shotting on the road as you tow it.

Tow Shackles

To attach your towing supplies to the vehicle you are recovering/towing, you will need a tow shackle. Not only do they create a secure link between the strap and the vehicle, but they also help protect your strap from wear and tear.

Tow Truck Accessories

Choose from tow hooks, v-bridle tow straps, cable pullers, and more to complete your hauling supplies collection.

Flatbed Car Hauling Supplies

Our tie down straps for cars come in multiple configurations, so it's simple to find one that will suit your application.

Options include wheel nets, tow dolly straps, wheel straps, and axle straps.

Additional Cargo Transport Products

If you haul heavier cargo or need to secure an oversize load, check out our complete flatbed tie down category. We have everything for the heavy hauler to safely transport the largest equipment. From Grade 70, Grade 80 & Grade 100 chain and load binders, to our super duty BlackLine Winch Straps and everything in between.

Looking to haul an ATV or motorcycle? Motorcycle straps and ATV tie down systems are also available!

Don't see the car hauling equipment you need? Contact our trained sales team for assistance - they can provide a quote for a custom assembly.