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Recovery Strap Construction

Our straps are made from heavy-duty nylon webbing with reinforced eyes to extend their working life. The fabric on the eyes is extremely tough, providing extra wear and tear resistance.

Ply and Width Considerations

When requesting your custom strap, make sure you are choosing the right ply and width.

Both width and plies will affect the working load limit, but they also affect the usability of the strap. The more plies you have, the stiffer the sling will be. So if you need flexibility, a wider strap is the way to go.

Below is a table with some of the most common width/ply combinations, so you can see how there can be multiple options to choose from, depending on what WLL you need.

WLL (lbs.) 2" 3" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12"
1 ply      8,000    12,000    16,000    24,000    32,000    40,000    48,000
2 ply    16,000    24,000    32,000    48,000    64,000    80,000    96,000
3 ply    24,000    36,000    48,000    72,000    96,000  120,000  144,000
4 ply    32,000    48,000    64,000    96,000  128,000  160,000  192,000

Working Loading Limit: Minimum Capacity Required

To ensure your strap is strong enough for your application, you will need to calculate the minimum capacity required.

The formula is Weight + Additional Rolling Resistance + Gradient Resistance.

We breakdown this formula on our How to Extract a Stuck Vehicle page.

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