What's the Difference between Plasma® Rope and Wire Rope?

Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Plasma® rope and wire rope to help you select the best sling for your next lifting project.

How Does Plasma® Rope’s Construction Work & How Does it Help the Lifting Industry?

Take a look at the construction and advantages of Plasma Synthetic Rope compared to traditional wire rope and other alternatives.

8 Useful Gifts All Practical People Will Love

We may be mid-way into December already, but if you’re still stumped on what to buy for the practical person in your life, we got you covered with 8 great gift ideas.

US Cargo Control becomes Official Supplier of Cortland’s Plasma® Slings and Ropes

Cortland Company has announced US Cargo Control, a leader in the lifting and rigging equipment industry, as an official supplier of Cortland’s Plasma Slings and Ropes.

A Comprehensive Guide to Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps are a trucking and transportation essential. Learn more about these versatile tie downs, including how to use them and how to store them.

Versatile Equipment for Lifting, Rigging, & More - Meet Plasma® Slings

USCC now offers a wide selection of superior Plasma Slings and Ropes from Cortland.

Winter Truck Maintenance: 10 Tips to Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Cold temperatures are hard on the engine and the vehicle's components. Read our ten tips on how to prepare your truck for the winter.

9 Types of Trailers in the Trucking Industry, and Which Fits Your Freight Needs

Choose the right trailer for your freight by learning about the different types of trailers.

To the Truckers Across the Country and the World, Thank You!

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, thank you truck drivers for making daily life possible.

7 Ultimate Tailgating Hacks with US Cargo Control's Products

Read some hacks on how to tailgate the right way with USCC's products.

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week 2021 Starts This Week

Brake Safety Week is running from August 22nd-28th. Find out what law enforcement officials will be inspecting, and how to prepare for it.
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