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Motorcycle Tie Downs

Tie Downs for Motorcycles

Motorcycle tie downs, systems, and accessories are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit just about any kind of bike.

Generally, motorcycle, dirt bike, sport bike, and street bike tie downs have the same design, and can be used interchangeably between models. If you're shopping for products for a specific brand of bike, such as Harley Davidson tie downs, we suggest you check your owner's manual for additional tips or guidelines for transporting your motorcycle.

Whether you haul your bike (or bikes) on a trailer specifically for motorcycles or in an enclosed trailer or truck bed will generally determine the best motorcycle tie downs for your specific needs. We've separated our tie downs for motorcycles into three groups to make it easier to shop.

Motorcycle Straps

Motorcycle tie down straps are constructed from high quality 1" polyester webbing and have either s-hooks or snap hooks on each end to secure the strap to an anchor point or track on your truck or trailer.

Motorcycle tie downs can use ratchet straps or cam buckle straps to tighten the straps and create a strong motorcycle hold down. Ratchet tie downs offer the tightest tension, but include the risk of over-tightening. Cam buckles also eliminate slack in a strap, and are a good choice for more delicate or fragile surfaces since they cannot be overtightened. Used in conjunction with handle bar straps and tie down anchor points, they make securing your bike simple.

While we offer a huge selection of in-stock tie down straps, custom straps are also available if you don't see what you're looking for. We manufacture our tie down straps in-house at our Iowa facility, so you'll get what you need quickly. Visit our Custom Tie Down Straps page for more information.

Tie Down Systems

There are several possible methods to tie down a motorcycle, including utilizing a system of tie down track such as L-track or E-track.

L-Track Tie Down Anchors for Motorcycles

L-track, also known as airline track (due to its popularity in the aircraft industry), can be mounted to the wall or floor of a truck or trailer. Motorcycle straps are then secured to the track by using track-compatible spring fittings or double stud fittings.

Our L-track straps and rails are available in a variety of sizes and colors, so creating KTM or Harley tie downs is as easy as purchasing orange and black. Other colors that can coordinate with major motorcycle manufacturers include: red (Honda), blue (Yamaha), and green (Kawasaki). We even carry an olive drab that goes with camo or military tie down straps.

To see the color options available, use the filters on the L-track page. To order, call to speak to one of our product experts!

Securing with E-Track

E-track is another tie down rail system that can be used to secure a motorcycle. It has a wider and flatter design than L-track and comes in a galvanized or painted finish.

The standard E-Track straps are available in yellow, blue, and gray, but E-track fittings with D-rings and other attachments points are available for use with other straps (in brand-coordinated colors). 

Tie Down Accessories

Motorcycle tie down anchors come in single or double styles to create a quick-fitting connection point.

Other popular accessories for our motorcycle tie downs for trailer systems include track filler (to keep dirt and sand out of the track) and end caps (to create a finished look and reduce abrupt edging).

Using Motorcycle Tie Downs

Motorcycle tie downs are meant to be secured to the frame of the motorcycle by looping the double eye strap over a stable anchor point on the motorcycle. For most dirt bikes and small street motorcycles, tying down at two points on the front and one on each side is adequate.

With the right tools, one person should easily be able to secure a motorcycle by themselves.

Tying Down a Motorcycle:

  1. Prepare your motorcycle trailer tie downs: Attach your ratchet straps to the appropriate anchor point tie down positions on the trailer. Place motorcycle tie down straps on the trailer bed in a position where you can reach them from the seat of the motorcycle.

    Tip: When loading two motorcycles where the handlebars or fairings may conflict, try reversing one of the bike's positions on the trailer.

  2. Load your motorcycle onto the trailer: Start and warm up the motorcycle, then ride or walk it onto the trailer. Ensure that the bike is lined up straight between your motorcycle tie downs.

  3. Attach the side/rear motorcycle hold downs: While sitting on the bike attach the rear tie down straps and tighten until there is no give for the bike to move.

  4. Attach the front motorcycle tie downs: Make sure the motorcycle is balanced, then get off the bike and attach the front tie down straps so that the bike is held firmly in place.

  5. Take a step back and look at your bike: When you are finished the motorcycle should be completely upright and straight with direct lines from the motorcycle trailer straps to anchor points.

  6. Test your motorcycle trailer tie down work: Shaking the bike should only cause trailer motion - very little bike movement.

    If the motorcycle moves you should check each motorcycle tiedown for looseness - it's possible that tightening one ratchet created slack in one of the others if the bike wasn't perfectly straight.

Other Trailer Tie Downs

If you are looking to tie down an ATV or other sporting vehicle, we have systems to streamline that process too.

Custom tie down straps are also available if you have a specialized application.

Call our customer service team with any questions.