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The Motivation: In the late 90’s, after working for two companies that went bankrupt, our founder Tim was working hard as a salesman in order to support his wife and newborn son. Traveling across the Midwest, working around the clock, but creating extremely strong sales results in the cargo control industry. Then, after years of work, he got a phone call from the company boss. The territory which he had worked for years to build and serve was being taken away from him. Given to the very person he had just trained.

The Early Days: It was then that Tim realized he had to take control of his own destiny. He partnered up with his life-long friend and college roommate, Ben, and set out to create his own business. Ben the deliberate black and white thinker, and Tim the more abstract gray thinker. They complimented each other well and shared a competitive determination to give this entrepreneurial endeavor everything they had. By 2001, Tim independently represented three companies’ products under the name TBG. He bought his first boxes of 2615SH and 5027SH tie-down straps in 2004 and used his garage as their warehouse and basement as their office. After Tim’s second son was born, he realized the constant travel and time away from his family couldn’t sustain. So, he taught himself how to create and manage an e-commerce website. Still traveling by day to pay the bills, but now learning digital marketing and content creation by night. Offers to buy the young company came in but selling was never an option in Tim’s mind. In fact, product offerings continued to expand for the next several years as Tim continued to serve companies with his “What you want, when you need it” mentality.

Coming of Age: Once the website launched in 2005, orders quickly outgrew what Tim’s garage could handle. Over the next 6 years we operated out of various “headquarters” including a memorable octagon-shaped building which had no running water and no loading dock. But Tim, Ben, and the rest of our growing USCC team never gave up on chasing the opportunity that was unfolding in front of us. In 2011, we moved into our current headquarters in Urbana, Iowa. Quickly outgrowing the initial space, we expanded the warehouse section in 2012 and in 2017 added a 53,080 square-foot addition, including a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The equipment added to this space allows us to custom-make tie-down straps, cargo nets, tarps, and more.


Today: We continue to look ahead with bright eyes and tenacious spirit. As Tim likes to say, “we’re not where we’re going.” Never satisfied with the status quo, our goal is to be your trusted partner and the only cargo control solutions provider you will ever need. USCC still specializes in tie-downs and other trucking and transportation products, but we also offer high-quality rigging and lifting equipment as well as professional moving supplies. With teams of dedicated product consultants and a laser-focus on your individual needs, we are committed to your success and are here to be your reliable partner for the long-run. So, what does "what you want, when you need it" mean to you?

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US Cargo Control is just one of several brands owned and operated by Clickstop, including EcoFoil and Fasteners Plus. Our shared mission and principles allow us to provide you with the same superior level of service no matter which brand you're working with.

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