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E Track Load Bars

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92" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 103"

Extends from 92" to 103"
You save 23%

86" Adjustable Aluminum Shoring Beam - Extends to 97"

Extends from 86" to 97"
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93" Aluminum Shoring Beam with Flat Latch Release - Extends to 103"

In stock
Extends from 93" to 103"


85" Aluminum Shoring Beam w/ Patented Locking Ends - Extends to 96"

Extends from 85" to 96"


93" Ancra Aluminum Shoring Beam w/ Patented Locking Ends: Extends to 103"

In stock
Extends from 93" to 103"


92" Adjustable Steel Shoring Beam - Extends to 103"

In stock
Extends from 92" to 103"


Wood End Socket for E-Track

In stock

SKU: WES-100

Replacement Channel Assembly for Shoring Beams


Yellow Rack™ Shoring Beam Holder

In stock
Holds up to 6 load bars


Shoring Beam Attachment Pin


E-Track Load Bars for Trailers

E-track load bars are a dual-purpose product for the trailer transport industry.

They can be used both to safely secure your trailer's cargo (preventing shifting and possible damage) and to create extra storage space.

Made from either steel or aluminum, these load bars are high-strength and durable. The aluminum E-track load bars have a working load limit of 2,200 lbs., while the steel version has a WLL of 1,500 lbs.

E-Track Bar Attachment

Anchoring these bars to your trailer's walls, floor, or ceiling is simple: just attach them to your E-track rails! Compatible with both horizontal and vertical rails, they provide the versality you need to complete your tie down setup.

They hook into E-track using the E-track fittings that are present on each end of the bars. These ends can slide out, adjusting the length of the bar so it can fit in a wide range of areas.

When you're ready to remove the bar, the easy-release trigger can be operated even with gloves, prioritizing your safety.

E-Track Wood Beam Socket

Looking for an inexpensive E-track load bar option? Choose a wood beam socket. These also attach to E-track, and hold 2x4s to create the shoring or decking beam you need.

Buying in Bulk?

Call for pricing on bulk E-track load bars. Our product experts can also answer questions about the product and help you place an order.

Alternative Cargo Control Solutions

Check out our full line of load lock bars, including cargo bars and shoring beams, as well as our selection of cargo nets.

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