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Perfect Your Setup with Custom Products

Whether you are looking for an extra-long transport chain, a branded ratchet strap, or a specially-configured lifting sling, we have custom options for you!

Our in-house manufacturing facility lets us tailor-make a large selection of items to meet your exact needs. We can also work with our trusted vendors for requests we aren't equipped for in-house.

Extensive Solutions

The products discussed below are just some of our most popular custom requests. If you need it, we can probably find it for you! 

Many of our custom options have an online quote request form, but you can also call to speak to our knowledgeable sales team members about any product to learn more!

your logo here

Branding: Add Your Logo or Company Name

We can stencil your name on a ratchet strap, put your logo on a tarp, and more - these extra touches can go a long way towards building customer confidence and providing a polished, competent appearance.

Explore all of our branding options by getting in touch!

Custom Trucking & Transportation Supplies

You'll find custom options for a number of the most popular products in the trucking and transportation industry.

custom tie down straps

Tie Down Straps

We manufacturing a wide variety of ratchet and cam buckle straps. Made from durable polyester webbing, all of our straps meet or exceed WSTDA recommended standards.

Custom options for tie down straps include webbing, stenciling, hardware, even custom tags!

Tie Down Chain

For heavy-duty cargo, custom transport chain can get your load from Point A to Point B safely.

While grade 70 is the standard for tie down chain, you can also opt for something stronger - grades 80 through 120 are available. Specify chain size, length, and end fittings too.

custom cargo nets

Cargo Nets

The right cargo net for you is dependent on many factors - truck / trailer size, cargo shape, anchor points, and more.

Choose webbing width, color, net size, hole size, and end hardware to ensure your custom net does what you need it to. If you have an existing tie down system such as L-track or E-track, we offer compatible end fittings.

Flatbed Tarps

Get a durable custom tarp that can withstand the rigors of the road - our tarps are made from professional-grade 18 oz. or 14 oz. polyester. Both are tear- and water-resistant with a PVC coating to protect from mildew and UV damage.

custom flatbed tarps

Build your ideal tarp with our various customization options:

  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • Material: lightweight or heavy-duty
  • D-rings: number and placement
  • Flaps
  • Stenciling

Recovery Straps

Your recovery strap needs vary based on the the weight of the vehicle or equipment, additional rolling resistance, gradient resistance, and more. 

If you need something stronger or in a different ply/width combo than what's available on the web, we can help!

Custom Rigging & Lifting Options

Having the right lifting sling or scaffold net can mean the difference between a safe jobsite and a dangerous one. Make sure your lifting equipment can meet the demands of your environment - if you don't see a standard option that will work, request a custom solution!

custom lifting slings

Lifting Slings

There are a lot of lifting sling styles and materials out there to choose from - if you can't find one that exactly meets your needs, custom options are available for all of them.

If you need proof testing certificates, please request them at time of purchase!

Chain Slings

Specify chain grade, brand, and size, along with the number of legs, length, and end fittings to get the right custom chain slings for your application.

Plasma Slings

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or custom plasma slings are a lightweight but strong lifting sling option. They are available in multiple diameters and lengths.

Nylon Slings

Nylon lifting slings are made in the USA from industrial grade webbing and are available in types 1-9, as well as bridle slings. 

Polyester Round Slings

Polyester is less stretchy than nylon and provides exceptional resistance to mildew and rot! It's also lightweight for ease of use!

Wire Rope Slings

If you need a durable custom sling that isn't as heavy as chain, consider a wire rope sling.

High Performance Round Slings

Lightweight and incredibly strong, HMPE round slings offer benefits like UV-resistance and a cover that protects the core fiber from abrasion and dirt.

Boat Slings

Custom boat lifting straps come in two styles: economy and deluxe heavy-duty. Economy slings are used for small boats, such as canoes, while deluxe heavy-duty slings can be used as part of a travel lift / mobile boat hoist.

custom construction netting

Construction Netting

Whether you need a personnel safety net, a debris net, or something else entirely, explore our custom netting options.

If you plan to use these nets for non-traditional applications, please keep in mind that the traditional ratings won't apply.

That means the user assumes liability for all extraneous uses.

Outrigger Pads

Custom outrigger pads designed to suit your application and equipment can add crucial security.

To help us identify the thickness, crush rating, etc. that you'll need, information about your equipment, outrigger size, and ground conditions are essential.

Custom Moving Products

custom moving blankets

Show off your company pride with branded moving blankets. Not only will these products help to cement your professional image with customers, but they can also assist with loss prevention!

You can choose from any of the blanket styles we offer - ranging in quality from Good to Best - to create the ideal custom pad for your business.

Learn more about custom moving pads


Call today to speak to one of our dedicated product experts - they can answer any questions you may have, provide a quote, or assist with placing an order.

Note: Depending on the item, minimum order quantities may apply. Custom items made to specifications are non-returnable.