Stormwater System Drainage Nets

drainage pipe debris net

Storm Drain Nets for Pipes

Protect the environment with drain pipe debris nets. Designed for placement at the end of outflow pipes, this drainage netting will catch waste and organic matter as it passes through the stormwater system or sewer overflow application.

This eco-friendly solution is reusable and cost-effective at preventing water pollution.

Stormwater Debris Net Construction

These drainage nets are made from a green knotless N815 netting. It's abrasion-, moisture-, and chemical-resistant, as well as lightweight and durable.

With a mesh break of 719 lbf*, this High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP) net material can hold up against the flow of rainwater, and it's knitted tightly enough to catch a wide assortment of debris - from bottles and candy bar wrappers to tree leaves and twigs.

An inner liner option is available that will equip the netting to catch smaller debris as well.

Drainage Netting Features

  • Cord diameter: 3/16"
  • Mesh size: 1-3/4"
  • UV: 300kLy
  • Weight: 0.074 lb/ft²

*Mesh break is referring to the individual bars of the net, not the strength of the net as a whole.

Netting End Configuration

The closed end of the net has a web border and is cinched together using a 1/4" polyester rope, allowing for easy emptying and maintenance. Simply untie the rope to empty, then retie to reuse.

Pipe Trash Net Attachment

Depending on your setup, you can opt for either a flush mount or an exposed mount.

drain pipe debris net flush mount

Flush Mount

For a flush mount, 3-5 attachment points are recommended. This method uses drop-in anchors, eyebolts, cables, and snap hooks for a secure connection.

drain pipe debris net exposed mount

Exposed Mount

Exposed / collar mounts, on the other hand, involve a ratchet assembly to hold the drain pipe net in place.


Learn more about how you can help protect our water sources by filling out the form below for a custom stormwater system drainage net.

The nets typically have a 3-5 day lead time.