Bridge Debris Netting

RocBloc™ Debris Netting

RocBloc™ debris nets for bridge debris containment are designed to surround a bridge undergoing work, to protect pedestrians, workers, vehicles, and nearby properties from falling debris. they're also ideal for instances where debris may be falling into rivers and streams from older bridges that are scheduled for repair. Not only do the nets make clean up safer and minimize liabilities, they also satisfy Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

The durable net design is reusable, making it economical and eco-friendly. Liners fit inside the durable 2-1/2" netting for superior strength and excellent containment. The netting is available in a single panel or stacked configurations, with a variety of mesh sizes and strengths to meet the requirements for your specific job. Stainless steel grommets at two foot on-center along all sides offer both convenience and versatility.

The lightweight design of these worksite nets ensure work site access and traffic flow is unrestricted. Each also complies with OSHA regulations for debris net installations, meeting CPAI-84, Section 8, Tent Walls and Tops.

RocBloc™ also meets conformity standard ANSI A10.37 for Debris Net Systems for Construction and Demolition. When installed at a walking/working surface, bridge nets also provide personnel fall protection and debris protection in one convenient system, according to OSHA regulations (OSHA 1926.502O).

Need custom configurations for your net safety systems? Give our product specialists a call; they'll work with you to ensure you get the net you need, made to your specifications.