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Moving Dollies

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H-Dolly 4" Wheel 18" x 30" - Mover Grade

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SKU: HD4014

Carpeted Moving Dolly 4" Wheel 18" x 30"

SKU: CD4002

Rubber Cap Moving Dolly: 18" x 32" with 4" Wheels

SKU: RCD4017

Snap-Loc Heavy Duty Moving Dolly - 1,500 lbs. capacity

SKU: SLD1500

Connector Strap for Snap-Loc Moving Dolly




Heavy-Duty Moving Dollies

A moving dolly is a versatile, useful item for trucks, warehouses, even homes. These furniture dollies can easily transport large or bulky items that are too heavy or big to carry. They're also handy to have around the house for those little tasks: moving a large potted plant outside on the patio, resituating an oversized box in a storage room, or placing a heavy toolbox in the garage.

US Cargo Control carries a variety of moving dollies suitable for nearly any type of job. Different features set them apart, and a range of prices make these an affordable option for nearly any budget.

What is a Furniture Dolly?

A moving dolly is a 4-wheeled platform-style piece of equipment. Unlike hand trucks, which offer a similar service, items have to be lifted onto the dolly before they can be moved.

The four-wheel design offers a higher level of maneuverability than you would get with a hand truck, and is able to balance by itself - you don't have to worry about keeping it angled correctly so the furniture or appliance doesn't fall off. 

Standard 4 Wheel Dollies

A basic 4-wheeled moving dolly is generally made of a durable, hard wood that may or may not be finished with a protective varnish. 

Their swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver and are often called "non-marking wheels," meaning they won't leave black marks as they roll across the floor. As you begin looking at higher priced dollies, you'll notice the casters, or wheel assemblies, are more durable. Our basic moving dollies have a load capacity of around 1,000 to 1,500 lbs.

Carpeted Dolly

Dollies with carpet provide cushioning and grip, helping to keep your item in place. The padding also serves to protect doors, walls, etc. from scuffs.

Rubber Dollies

Rubber mover dollies also prevent your items from sliding as you move. It offers a bit more of a grip on the item than carpet does.

Choose from a dolly with a rubber tread on all four surfaces, or one with two rubber end caps (also known as a Chicago dolly).

Snap-Loc Mover Dolly

For larger jobs and heavier items, consider a heavy-duty furniture moving dolly in a more durable design with extra features. Our Snap-Loc dolly has the ability to connect to multiple dollies to create a platform sized to the job.

Additional benefits include casters with side brakes, non-slip pads, and an oil-, grease-, and chemical-resistant body.

Furniture Platform Dollies

Looking for additional steering capabilities? Choose a platform dolly - these come with handles that make directing simpler.

We offer two handled styles, both with dolly dimensions of 21" x 32" and a 1,500 lb. load capacity. The Snap-Loc push bar platform truck has one handle along the 21" side. The Snap-Loc panel cart has two handles running along both of the 32" sides. The handles are removable, making these a very adaptable choice. You can even hook two of them together for larger items using a connector strap, just like with the basic Snap-Loc dolly!

Comprehensive Moving Supplies

Looking for hand trucks, appliance / furniture covers, or moving blankets to complete your setup? Browse our extensive selection of moving equipment to find everything you need for your personal or professional move.


If you have questions about any of our commercial moving dollies, hand trucks, or other moving supplies, contact our sales team and a moving supply expert will be happy to help you find what we need.

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