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Straightpoint Load Monitoring Loadcells

Straightpoint Load Monitoring Loadcells

Lifting & Rigging Load Cells

Load cells are sensors, or transducers to be exact, that can translate pressure (force) into an electrical signal. This allows operators of various lifting and rigging applications to precisely measure and safely monitor the tension of loads involving wire rope, guy wire, synthetic rope, shackles, and more.

Load cells are commonly used in oil and gas, shipping, construction, renewable energies, lifting and cranes, mining, staging, test and inspection, and military applications. Load monitoring load cells not only help prolong the life of your lifting and rigging equipment, they could also be the difference between your safety on the job or a costly accident.

Straightpoint Load Monitoring Loadcells, a Crosby owned company, offers unrivaled quality and functionality. Whether you’re looking for state-of-the-art wireless load cells or cabled load cells, Straightpoint has the load cell solution you’re looking for, and they're all available right here at USCC.

How to Choose a Load Cell

Not sure exactly what type you need? We walk you through the four main considerations to help you find the perfect cell for your application.

Tension Load Cells

Tension load cells, like Straightpoint’s Radiolink Plus (wireless) and Wirelink Plus (cabled), can handle tension reading capacities ranging from 1-ton up to 500-ton. Tension load cells from Straightpoint are designed to be used with Crosby shackles, but they are compatible with other brands as well. Tension load cells are commonly used for overhead weighing, testing, bollard pulling, tug testing, cable tensioning, and heavy lift applications. Straightpoint’s Towcell is the perfect solution for vehicle load monitoring applications as it fits directly onto a 2” tow ball.

These loadcells are available either individually or with the corresponding shackles.

Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells are used to calculate center of gravity of large and heavy objects common in the heavy lift and structural weighing industry. Straightpoint compression load cells are an industry leader for both their compact size and wireless capabilities. These durable compression load cells can handle loads up to 1000-ton. When combined with Straightpoint's software, you can read and monitor up to 100 wireless compression load cells from your computer or tablet and generate real time test certificates on site, all from a safe distance. Wired compression load cells are also available.

Line Tensionmeters & Running Line Dynamometers

Straightpoint’s line tensionmeter, COLT, is an intelligent and industry-leading clamp on line tensionmeter. It’s a fast and accurate way to measure wire rope and guy wire tension, as well as electrical cable and synthetic rope. Straightpoint’s line of running line dynamometers are able to measure tension, line speed, and distance. These dynamometers are very useful in situations where there is no anchor or dead end on the line.

Shackle Load Cells

Loadshackles from Straightpoint provide the perfect solution to limited headroom or super heavy lift projects. Wireless, cabled, and Bluetooth-only versions are all available. Straightpoint Loadshackles are made using Crosby brand shackles, commonly the G2130 and G2140 shackle. All Loadshackles from Straightpoint have a load-centering bobbin and range in capacity from 3.25 ton to 400 ton.

Miniweigher Plus Crane Scales

Straightpoint’s line of Miniweigher Plus crane scales are compact, safe, accurate, and suitable for a number of applications. Miniweigher plus crane scales are often mounted between a winch and a tripod, allowing for load monitoring and safe lowering and raising of equipment and personnel. These modern crane scales are wireless and available in sizes ranging from 100kg up to 5 ton.

Straightpoint Load Cell Software and Accessories

US Cargo Control has you covered with all your Straightpoint load cell needs, including INSIGHT load cell software, HHP App, SW-HHP wireless handheld devices, HHP cabled loadcell devices, extra HHP connecting cables, and more.

Load Cell Readings

With nearly all of Straightpoint’s load cells, you have options when it comes to how you transmit and visualize your load cell readings.

Choose between Straightpoint’s SW-HHP wireless handheld load cell reader, INSIGHT computer software, Straightpoint's free HHP Bluetooth app, or an external display such as an LED scoreboard. No matter what type of load cell you need, Straightpoint offers the highest quality and most functionality on the market today.