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Straightpoint Load Monitoring Loadcells
Tension Load Cells
Tension Load Cells

Tension load cells from Straightpoint can handle tension reading capacities ranging from 1-ton up to 500-tons. These tension load cells from Straightpoint are designed to be used with Crosby shackles, but they are compatible with other brands as well. Tension load cells are commonly used for overhead weighing, testing, bollard pulling, tug testing, cable tensioning, and heavy lift applications.

There are many different styles and models of Straightpoint tension load cells available from US Cargo Control, including wireless, cabled, and Bluetooth-only load cells. The Radiolink Plus, Compound Plus, Wirelink Plus, and Loadlink Plus loadcells are available both individually and with the matching Crosby shackles.

Radiolink Plus

Radiolink Plus from Straightpoint is a powerful wireless load cell tool that allows you to precisely weigh and dynamically monitor rigging setups to ensure safe and optimal tension levels. This product comes with the SW-HHP wireless handheld reader included.

Compound Plus

Compound Plus from Straightpoint is the exact same load cell product as Radiolink Plus but with no SW-HHP reader included. This is ideal if you are looking to add an additional loadcell to your current collection.

Bluelink Plus

Bluelink Plus offers a cost-effective option for those looking for a quality loadcell. The Bluelink Plus has Bluetooth capabilities for a wireless range of up to 328 feet (or 100m) when paired with the free HHP App – available for both iOS and Android. This allows you to stay a safe distance from your load, while monitoring up to 6.5 tonnes.

Loadlink Plus

Loadlink Plus is the only self-indicating tension load cell with a digital 1-inch LCD screen and controls built right into the load cell device. You also have the option of connecting to the HHP Handheld Plus for more distant monitoring.

Wirelink Plus

Wirelink Plus is the only cabled tension load cell from Straightpoint. Instead of an internal antennae, Wirelink load cells come with a 32-foot cable that sends load cell readings to a compatible device, such as the HHP Handheld Plus.


Straightpoint’s Towcell is the perfect solution for vehicle load monitoring applications as it fits directly onto a 2” tow ball. Great for auto recovery, this cell measures the load being towed.