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Transport Chain Hooks

19 Products

5/16" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70


3/8" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70

SKU: CGH3870

1/2" Clevis Grab Hook - Grade 70

SKU: CGH1270

3/8" Clevis Grab Hook with Latch - Grade 70


5/16" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70


3/8" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70


1/2" Clevis Slip Hook - Grade 70


3/8" Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latch - Grade 70


1/2" Clevis Slip Hook w/ Latch - Grade 70


Floor Chain Tiedown - Grade 70 Bolt-On Model


Twin Clevis Link - Grade 70 - 1/4-5/16"


Twin Clevis Link - Grade 70- 3/8"

SKU: DCL3870

Twin Clevis Link - Grade 70 - 7/16-1/2"

SKU: DCL1270

5/16" Grade 70 T-Grab Hook


Grade 80 T-Grab Combo Hook


Floor Chain Tiedown - Grade 70 Weld-On Model


Lever Binder Lock


Like our transport chain offerings, chain hooks, also known as cable hooks, are built to accommodate the various chain grades available and come a number of different styles, depending on the application.

Standard Transport Chain Hooks

Offering the same superior strength as grade 70 chain. All our standard grade 70 chain fittings and hooks are manufactured with a gold or yellow chromate finish for quick identification, along with the grade indication (7, 70, or 700, depending on the manufacturer) embossed on the surface. A grade 70 fitting should never be used for overhead lifting purposes.

Specialty Tie Down Chain Hooks

Our specialty tie down chain hooks come in grade 80, 100, and 120 options and should be used with the appropriate chain. All fittings have the grade indication embossed on the surface.

Our hook and fittings include:


  • Clevis Grab Hook - The clevis grab hook is very common on transport chain ends. It features a shallow throat opening, allowing for easy and secure connections.
  • Clevis Grab Hook with Latch - This chain hook features a special latch to prevent chain from releasing and/or re-hooking when removing.
  • Clevis Slip Hook - Also known as a sling hook, this durable chain hook features a wider throat than clevis grab hooks.
  • Clevis Slip Hook with Latch - A wider throat than a clevis grab hook makes it easy to quickly secure, and the added safety latch ensures it's held in place.
  • Floor Chain Tie Down - Intended for use with steel framed flatbed trailers that have a wooden deck, this fitting offers a fast way to create secure tie down points. Choose from bolt-on or weld-on styles.
  • Lever Binder Locking Clip - Designed to secure flatbed loads by preventing the lever binder handle from rotating, opening and releasing the chain tension.
  • T-Grab Combo Hook - An excellent choice for heavy duty hauling. Designed for securing agricultural and industrial equipment.

Chain Hook Sizes and Strengths

Our large selection of standard and specialty tie down chain hooks and fittings ensure you get the best chain hook for your particular needs. Our range of hooks and fittings work with chain sizes of 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" and working load limit capabilities from 4,300 lbs. to 11,300 lbs.

Our product experts are here to help! Give our team a call with any product questions or help placing an order.