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With many chain options available, it's important to know the differences between grades of chain. Every grade of chain has different uses and applications, but can generally be separated into three main categories: overhead lifting chain, transport chain, and other welded industrial chain types.

Key Takeaways

- Only grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain, and grade 120 chain is approved for overhead lifting.

- Grade 50 stainless steel chain is approved for overhead lifting, and is available by special order; call our sales team for more information.

- Grade 70 transport chain is excellent for use as load securement and in tie down applications.

- Grade 43 chain and grade 30 chain are good options for tie down applications in the agriculture, construction, and trucking industries.

Call us for more information about ordering grade 43 chain or grade 30 chain.

Overhead Lifting Chains

Grade 80 Alloy Chain

Manufactured with heat-treated alloy steel, grade 80 lifting chain is a strong and durable grade of chain, ideal for use in overhead lifting and chain lifting slings. However, grade 80 lifting chains can also be used in recovery, safety, and tow and binder chain applications as well. Grade 80 chains are embossed with 8, 80, or 800 for easy identification.

Grade 100 Alloy Chain

Grade 100 chain is quickly becoming the industry standard for overhead lifting. Like grade 80, grade 100 chains are made from alloy steel that is heat-treated for strength and increased elongation characteristics. However, grade 100 chain has working load limits that are about 25% higher than grade 80 chain. This means that you can use a smaller, and therefore lighter, size of grade 100 chain to lift the same weight.

Due to higher alloy content, 100 grade chain is also more rugged and resistant to fatigue than grade 80. This should lead to a longer lifespan for grade 100 chain, making it a great long-term investment. Grade 100 chain is identified with 10,100, or 1,000 markings on the chain.

Grade 120 Alloy Chain

Grade 120 chain is a relatively new product and the strongest chain in the industry. It is up to 50% stronger than grade 80 chain and 20% stronger than grade 100 lifting chain. This will allow the user to select a smaller size chain, making the chain lighter and easier to handle. Grade 120 lifting chain is also more resistant to abrasion due to its higher alloy content and square link design. It is also approved for overhead lifting applications. 120 grade chain is identified with "12" or "120" and is blue in color for easy identification.

Chain Lifting Slings

In the market for a fully assembled chain lifting sling? Click over to our Chain Slings & Lifting Chains page to shop our full selection of standard and adjustable slings in one-leg, two-leg, three-leg, and four-leg styles. All are available for to purchase online in grade 80 chain or grade 100 chain. Give our sales team a call to order a grade 120 chain sling.

Transport Chain

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), if the marks on your tie down and transport chain are not visible or too worn down to be legible, an inspector will count your chain as grade 30 and calculate your working load limits accordingly. This can lower your working load limit below what is required for your load. Even if your chain meets the requirements, you can still receive a citation and be taken out of service. Check out our Transport Chain and Binders.

Grade 70 Transport Chain

Produced with heat-treated carbon steel, grade 70 chain is becoming the standard for load securement and tie down applications. Its gold chromate finish makes it easy to identify for truckers and law enforcement, making it a great choice to use as tow and binder chain. Gold chromate finish also meets the California Highway Patrol and DOT requirements. In addition to these uses, grade 70 chain is also commonly used in towing, oil rigs, logging, and safety chain applications. It is embossed with 7, 70, or 700. Grade 70 is not approved for overhead lifting.

Other Welded Industrial Chains

While we don't offer Grade 43 and Grade 30 chain on our website, we do sell it by request. Give our sales team a call to order.

Grade 43 High Test Chain

Grade 43 chain is made with carbon steel and is often used in the trucking industry as a tow and binder chain. It's also a good alternative to grade 30 for applications that have higher strength requirements. Grade 43 chain is not approved for overhead lifting, but is a good option for tie down applications and is often used in the agriculture, construction, and trucking industries. It is marked with L4.

Grade 30 Proof Coil Chain

Grade 30 chain low carbon steel chain is a light to medium duty chain. While grade 30 is not approved for overhead lifting, it can still be used in tie down applications. Grade 30 chain is also used in agriculture, automotive and marine applications. It is marked with L3.

All of our industrial chain meets or exceeds all NACM & ASTM standards and the manufacturing is approved by ISO 9001-2000.

We offer chain in a variety of quantities: chain drums, by the half drum, and chain by the foot.

Need industrial chains in a custom assembly? We specialize in custom orders - give our trained sales professionals a call. They will be happy to answer your questions and find the right chain to meet your exact needs.

Shipping Notes
Please keep in mind that industrial bulk chain is heavy. Shipping rates may be reduced when overall weight reaches 200 pounds. Please call us for additional shipping options on large volume orders.

Working Load Limits
Grade 30 Grade 43 Grade 70 Grade 80 Grade 100 Grade 120
1/4" 1,300 2,600 3,150 3,500 4,300 -
9/32" - - - - - 5,200
5/16" 1,900 3,900 4,700 4,500 5,700 6,600
3/8" 2,650 5,400 6,600 7,100 8,800 10,600
7/16" 3,700 7,200 8,750 - - -
1/2" 4,500 9,200 11,300 12,000 15,000 17,900
5/8" 6,900 13,000 15,800 18,100 22,600 -
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