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Pewag Security Chain

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Pewag 9/32" Square Hardened Security Chain

Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.


Pewag 3/8" Square Hardened Security Chain

Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.


Pewag 1/2" Square Hardened Security Chain | Sold by the Foot

Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.


Viro Panzer Lock For 9/32" Security Chain


Viro Panzer Lock For 3/8" Security Chain


Viro Monolith Lock For 1/2" Security Chain


9/32" Pewag Security Chain Kit w/ Viro Lock

Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.
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SKU: SC93202-LK-PW

3/8" Pewag Security Chain Kit w/ Viro Lock

Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.
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1/2" Pewag Security Chain Kit w/ Viro Lock

Standard Lead Time 1-2 business days.
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Pewag Anti-Theft Chain

Pewag security chains are one of the toughest security chains out there. It is one of the hardest chains to cut using bolt cutters or other standard tools, making it an excellent choice for protecting your assets.

They come in three sizes and have an anti-corrosion electro-galvanized finish for extra durability.

Hardened Security Chain

Why is Pewag chain so hard to cut? This cut-resistance is due to both the hardness of the steel and the shape of the links.

One way steel hardness is determined is through the Rockwell rating system (also known as the HRC). This method measures how much of a dent is created in the metal when a measured amount of weight is applied. A good HRC for security chain is 56 and above.

Pewag's rating is an impressive 62 HRC for all three chains. The 9/32” and 3/8” security chains are hardened to 62 HRC 10% deep, while the 1/2” security chain is hardened to 62 HRC 6% deep. Not only does this mean they take more strength to cut, but it also means the chain is harder than most bolt cutters - they tend to have a rating of around 59-60.

Additionally, the chain links have a square profile. Hardened square link chains create a larger contact area and prevent bolt cutters from getting the necessary grip to start cutting through.

Cut-Resistant Chain in Action

Learn more about this heavy-duty security chain and watch as we try to cut through the chain with several different bolt cutters.


Hardened Steel Chain Uses

Pewag square security chain is commonly used to protect boats, bikes, trailers, and gates, although the application options are practically limitless. The main thing to take into consideration is chain size.

9/32" Square Chain

Use this compact size with smaller items, such as bikes, motorcycles, and scooters.

3/8" Security Chain

You will get industrial-level protection with both the 3/8" and the 1/2" size - they are great for commercial facility protection and securing large, valuable items. If you need a smaller chain size or are looking to reduce the amount of weight you need to transport, the 3/8" chain is recommended.

Pewag 1/2" Security Chain

If size and/or weight is not an issue, go for the 1/2" chain to secure your facility, trailer, or boat.

Security Chain and Lock

Heavy-duty chain requires a heavy-duty lock. Make sure your lock is up to the job by choosing Viro.

Viro Padlocks

Viro locks work with Pewag chain to ensure maximum security. They come with a unique design that prevents tools from cutting or opening the lock.

Each lock includes two Viro top security profile nickel-plated brass keys.

Note: Make sure to keep the included key code card - it will allow you to add duplicate keys or replace lost ones. For additional information, contact our sales team.

Multiple sizes are available, each compatible with a specific chain size:

Security Chain Kits

Our security chain packages include both lock and chain in a variety of lengths, ranging between 2' and 10'.

If the Pewag chain and lock sets aren't exactly what you are looking for, all of our hardened chain is sold by the foot so you can get the exact length you need. The Viro locks are also available separately.


Not sure which option will work best for your application? Call to speak to one of our product specialists today!

We also carry many other chains, including grade 70 transport chain and more!

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