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Auto Tie Down Straps

Car Tie Down Straps

Wheel Straps come in many different configurations to suit a variety of car hauling applications. Knowing where to buy car dolly straps to get the best selection and best pricing can help save you money when you source car hauling supplies. US Cargo Control carries a large selection of auto-tie downs, so you can be sure to find the right products for your needs.

Browse our selection of car trailer tie-downs, or if you have questions about our car hauling supplies our experts are ready to help. Be sure to check the specs for the auto tie-down that you are purchasing to haul your vehicle to ensure you choose the right car tow straps for the weight of the vehicle you will transport.

Auto Tie-Down Options

All of our wheel nets, car tie downs, tire bonnets, car dolly straps, tow dolly straps, axle straps, and car carrier straps are made from heavy-duty, industrial-grade polyester webbing and high-quality hardware.

Dual Strap Side Mount Tire Nets

Dual strap side mount wheel nets wrap around the tire at three points with two cargo straps. The dolly straps of this over the wheel tie down are fitted with cam buckles or ratchets that attach to the horizontal strap of the tire net with a positionable loop. The cam buckle or ratchet is then used to tension the straps and hold the vehicle securely for transport. End fittings on side mount tie-downs for cars can be flat hooks, snap hooks, chain extensions, or can be ordered with custom fittings.

Single Strap Side Mount Wheel Nets

Single strap side mount towing tie-downs are one of our top selling dolly straps. These car trailer tie downs are constructed of a single 2" cargo strap that feeds through a heavy-duty ring to create a loop that secures the tire. Watch how to make the loop in the video below:

The other end of the strap feeds through the ratchet to tension the assembly creating a 'Y' shape. The ratchet attaches to your tow dolly or trailer with a flat hook or chain extension. These are often called lasso straps and are one of the most common styles of wheel lift straps.

Tow Dolly Straps

The tow dolly basket strap is a popular car trailer tie down for use with a simple car tow dolly - industrial grade webbing is stitched into a ladder-like configuration that wraps over the top surface of the tire. Snap hooks are affixed to one end of the car tie to attach securely to the tow dolly. The other end of the strap can then be fed through a tow dolly ratchet to tension the system securely.

Adjustable Wheel Nets

An adjustable wheel net has a cam buckle or ratchet sewn into the over the wheel tie-down straps so to make it adjustable for a tight fit on a variety of tires. It comes with a snap hook to attach to most tow dollies and a ratchet fitted with a snap hook to tension the tow dolly strap securely.

Wheel Straps for E-Track

Car tie-down straps for E-Track come with E track fittings on either end of the trailer car straps. The non-ratcheting end of the strap is affixed to the E-track and then rolled around the tire and secured on the opposite side of the tire. Rubber blocks affixed to the strap fit into the rain grooves of the tire for a secure fit. The ratchet on the strap is then tightened to secure the car tow strap in place. This system of car hauler wheel straps is an excellent option for stock cars, race cars, or custom cars that are moved often inside trailers for events.

Car Hauler Straps

Car hauler straps for flatbeds work the same way as the E-track straps without the track. Anchor points for car carrier tie-down straps can be installed directly into the bed of your truck and the tie-down straps for cars will attach with swivel hooks or wire hooks. Car trailer tie downs use ratchet straps to tension the straps for secure transport.

Axle Straps

Axle Straps are fixed around the vehicle's axle to secure it to a trailer or truck for transit. These car tie-down straps are easy-to-use and are made with 12,000 lb. industrial-grade polyester webbing for maximum strength and durability.

Measuring Your Tires

Make sure you're choosing a wheel strap, net, or bonnet that will fit your tire - use our measuring guidelines to help you get the dimensions you need for each type of tie down.

Looking to Buy in Bulk?

If you are looking to purchase auto tie downs for your fleet, you may qualify for one of our fleet pricing programs! Fill out our online form to learn more.

Tire Tie Down Straps Hardware and Accessories

If you need additional accessories for your tire tie down straps or are looking for towing equipment, then US Cargo Control has you covered. Browse our full selection of tie-down hardware including D-Rings, L Track Systems, S-Hooks/Wire Hooks, and more.


If you need help deciding which auto tie-down system is best for your application, contact our team of product experts today. We’ll work with you to find the right products for your needs and answer any questions along the way.