Wheel Nets

Over-the-wheel tie-downs are important to stabilize and safely transport your vehicle on flatbed trailers or other types of car haulers. Strong industrial-grade polyester webbing for maximum hauling strength and durability. The tough webbing secures your vehicle with limited bounce and is abrasion- and shrink-resistant. Polyester also is highly resistant to UV radiation and repels water, keeping it strong and durable.

We offer several configurations depending on the tow system you use. Adjustable models are available to fit a variety of sizes, from standard 14”-17” tires or larger.

Side Mount Wheel Nets

We carry side mount wheel net systems with both dual and single straps for flatbeds and trailers with tie-down rails.

Dual Strap

These adjustable wheel nets have a cam buckle sewn into the front of the over-the-wheel strap, allowing for a snug fit on small or large tires. An extra cargo strap with ratchet provides a total of two securement points. Both straps attach to the horizontal strap of the tire net and are available with either flat hook or chain extension – or you can opt for a custom end fitting for your application. The pair also allows for maximum securement when tensioning the assembly to a trailer’s side/rub rail.

Single Strap

For these side mount car tie downs, simply thread the loose end of the strap through a heavy-duty ring on the opposite side to create a lasso loop around the top of the tire. You can then feed the loose end into a ratchet, tension the assembly to secure, and attach to your trailer using a flat hook or chain extension. These side mount auto tie-downs are often referred to as Y straps because of their shape once installed.

Learn how to create the lasso loop below:

E Track Tire Straps

E track wheel straps have spring E track fittings on each end to connect into pre-installed E track systems on your trailer. E track, E track straps and fittings, and E track fasteners are sold separately or as part of a kit to accommodate all of our E track wheel nets.

Wheel Bonnet and Basket Straps

Designed for trailers with D rings or punch holes, wheel bonnets come with a wide handle ratchet and either two flat snap hooks or three swivel hooks to make attachment quick, easy, and secure. Check out our variety of Adjustable wheel bonnets to help you achieve a precise fit on small or large tires.

More Auto Tie-Down Options

For even more auto and car tie-down options, check out our Wheel Nets and Tow Dolly Straps category page. There you’ll find our full selection of wheel nets, axle straps, tow dolly straps, tie-down hardware, and more.


If you are unsure which type of tire straps are right for your application, contact our team of product specialists. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right products for your car hauling application. If possible, be able to provide your vehicle’s weight and tire size, including tire width (across the tread) and height (from the ground to the top of the tire).

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