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Hand Trucks

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Pneumatic Wheel Aluminum Dolly Hand Truck

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Foam Fill Wheel Aluminum Dolly Hand Truck

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Steel Appliance Truck With Locking Recoil

SKU: AT-MT80000

Aluminum Convertible Hand Truck


SKU: AT015252

Appliance Truck with Single Auto Recoil & Kickback Wheels

SKU: AT015252KB

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SKU: AT06681

Padded Hand Truck Cover: Round Top


Padded Hand Truck Cover: Square Top


Appliance Truck Cover


10" Pneumatic Wheel for Hand Trucks



6" x 2" TPR Wheel


10" Pneumatic Wheels w/ Axle & Hardware



Extension Nose Plate for Hand Truck



Round Handle for Hand Truck



Hand Truck Extension Handle


Double Grip Handle for Hand Truck

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Carpeted Moving Dolly 4" Wheel 18" x 30"

SKU: CD4002

H-Dolly 4" Wheel 18" x 30" - Mover Grade

SKU: HD4014

Rubber Cap Moving Dolly: 18" x 32" with 4" Wheels

SKU: RCD4017

Snap-Loc Heavy Duty Moving Dolly - 1,500 lbs. capacity

SKU: SLD1500
How to Assemble a Hand Truck

Hand trucks and dollies can make moving nearly anything easier and safer. Whether it's an appliance like a refrigerator or stove, a piece of furniture, or something as simple as boxes, having a little help from a set of wheels on a hand truck /dolly can help lighten the load.

From a lightweight 2 wheel hand truck to a heavy duty 4 wheeled dolly, you'll find the very best hand trucks and carts for the job at US Cargo Control. If you have questions about a specific hand truck or moving dolly, contact our sales team . One of our trained moving professionals will be happy to help you. Like most equipment, there is a range of hand trucks and dollies with different features for different jobs and uses. Basic aluminum hand trucks are good for general use, but with a load capacity of 550 lbs., even our most basic models are no lightweights. Our aluminum hand trucks also come in a range of choices in handles and wheels, and all are available in a model that features stair climbers and an extension nose plate. We also sell replacement parts for hand trucks to make it easy to replace or upgrade parts on your 2-wheel moving dolly.

If you plan on hauling heavier items like appliances, a handtruck built for appliances is your best choice. An appliance hand truck, also sometimes called an industrial hand truck, is generally made of heavy duty steel and has built-in straps with tightening devices to secure the load. Our industrial appliance hand truck also features side shields and felt trim backing to better protect items in comparison to a light utility small hand truck. The steel appliance truck also features double auto recoils and has an 800 lb. capacity, which is above industry standards.

If you choose a 2- wheel hand truck model without built-in padding, you can buy padded appliance truck covers for an upright hand truck cart. They're great for reducing dings and scratches when hauling something valuable, but can be removed when not needed. The covers are designed to cover the metal portion of the hand truck cart and then strap on to stay in place. Different styles are available, depending on whether you have a curved round top or a square top cart hand truck. Cinch straps and large rubber bands are also handy to have to secure cargo to a hand truck.

Although it may be tempting to consider cheap hand trucks when shopping around, be sure to buy hand truck that's sized right for your job. Design and construction will determine weight limit, don't forget to consider the kind of items you'll be hauling and what type of terrain (stairs, ramps, etc.). Spending more to buy a quality hand truck for sale is most likely the best choice.

If you're looking for an increased load limit and a wider platform for hauling items, try a 4-wheel style dolly instead of a two wheel hand truck. Although loading an item on appliance hand trucks (also called appliance carts), requires it be fully picked up as opposed to sliding it like with a 2-wheel steel hand truck, a 4-wheel style offers more options because of its wider base. They also come equipped with padded, rubber or carpeted ends to keep items safe from scratches and dings. Another option to increase the area of the load size is our Snap-Loc style dolly. Its unique design lets you connect multiple dollies together to create a surface size to fit your needs.

For the best of both features, our convertible hand truck is an excellent solution. In an upright 2-wheel position it can handle a range of cargo up to 550 lbs. For larger jobs requiring more weight capacity or a larger surface area, simply move the easy release mechanism to create a 4-wheel dolly that can hold up to 770 lbs.

Dollies and hand trucks for sale will vary in size, quality and cost. You can trust US Cargo to carry the style you need at the price you want, along with the accessories and customer service you've come to expect. If you have questions about the design or capabilities of a hand truck, dolly, or any of our moving supplies, contact our sales team.

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