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The Crosby® Group is a leading manufacturer for rigging, lifting, and material handling applications. A trusted name for more than a century, Crosby® delivers innovation and uncompromising quality to exceed the industry's toughest demands. Raising the bar to help ensure your safety and success is among Crosby®'s top priorities and here at US Cargo Control, it's one of ours, too.

That's why we're proud to sell many Crosby® rigging items from the company's diverse portfolio, including shackles, lifting clamps, hooks, turnbuckles, snatch blocks, and sheaves. We also sell your choice of eye bolt, cable clamp (or wire rope clip), and wire rope thimble. They are built with the value-added benefits and reliability the world has come to expect from Crosby®.

Whether you're drilling and servicing wells in the oil field, or working in construction, cargo handling, mining, and transportation, dependable Crosby® products can accommodate your job or situation. We sell Crosby shackles in a wide range of sizes and styles, from simple bolt-type anchor shackles to screw pin and heavy-duty chain shackles. Crosby® clamps, with their welded alloy steel bodies, are lightweight and compact, yet exceptionally strong and able to withstand heavy work conditions.

Crosby® lifting hooks are designed for all kinds of uses. You can be confident that each Crosby® hoist hook, Crosby® swivel hook, SHUR-LOC® hook, Crosby® clevis hook, and Crosby® chain hook brings superior performance in the characteristics so critical in overhead lifting working load limit: ductility, fatigue resistance, and toughness. A Crosby® hook latch kit contains components of Crosby® hook latches for attaching a Crosby® safety latch to hooks, so they can accept and retain chains and slings.

In addition, we sell Crosby® turnbuckle assemblies, available with multiple end fitting combinations, including Jaw & Jaw, Jaw & Eye, and Eye & Eye. Trademarked blue and orange, Crosby® McKissick snatch blocks also come in several varieties; like other Crosby® products, these Crosby® blocks meet specific fatigue performance levels.

Crosby® eye bolts are made of forged steel and Quenched & Tempered® using Crosby®'s perfected methods of steel heat treatment. We sell both galvanized and stainless steel versions of wire rope clips. Nontraditional Crosby® cable clamps, namely the Fist Grip® model, have bolts and heavy hex nuts that allow for quick install.

Crosby® Spectrum® 10 chain is grade 100, making it the ideal choice for lifting applications. The heat-treated alloy is durable, and the finish is rust-preventative. This chain meets ASTM A973 and is proof-tested with certification.

Crosby® equipment aligns with our commitment to provide the best products and services in rigging and lifting. If you have questions about anything we sell, or don't see what you need, call us.

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