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Winch Track

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6' Steel Winch Track


6' Aluminum Winch Track

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Sliding Winch Track

Our winch track is compatible with standard sliding winches and comes in two different materials. Choose from steel (constructed of 1/4" plate steel) or aluminum.

Both can support heavy-duty cargo. One of the main reasons to choose aluminum is the lighter weight, while one of the main reasons to choose steel is the cheaper price.

The primary benefit of C winch track is that it makes adjusting winch placement easy. You just slide the winch to the best spot, then lock it in place! This is especially beneficial for haulers that regularly carry a wide variety of cargo - what worked for your last load might not work for your new one.

Winch Track System

Don't forget to check out our wide variety of wincheswinch straps, and winch bars to complete your setup, as well as the new Ratchet Cap OverDrive that can be installed on any existing winch to make a ratcheting winch.

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