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Truck Tie Down & Flatbed Winches

19 Products

2" Lashing Truck Tie Down Winch (Left)


2" Lashing Truck Tie Down Winch (Right)


2" Lashing Truck Tie Down Winch


4" Storable Weld-On Truck Tie Down Winch (Bottom Mount)

SKU: TW410

4" Storable Sliding Truck Tie Down Winch (Bottom Mount)

SKU: TW420

4" Low Profile Sliding Winch (Bottom Mount)

SKU: TW421

4" Standard Profile Double L Track Sliding Winch

SKU: TW425

4" Low Profile Double L Track Sliding Winch

SKU: TW426

4" Low Profile Weld-On Truck Tie Down Winch (Side Mount)

SKU: TW412

4" Low Profile Portable Winch (Side Mount)

SKU: TW413

4" Standard Portable Winch (Bottom Mount)

SKU: TW411

SKU: TW418

Tent Lashing Winch w/ 45 Degree Bent Plate


SilverCap® OverDrive™ Ratcheting Cap


Porta Winch Truck Winch for Stake Pockets - Outward Offset

SKU: PW100

Porta Winch for Stake Pockets - Inward Offset for Track-Mounted Tarps

SKU: PW200

Straight Bolt-On Stake Pocket


Floor Chain Tiedown - Grade 70 Weld-On Model


Floor Chain Tiedown - Grade 70 Bolt-On Model


Winch straps are used to retain loads and objects on trucks and trailers. A winch strap is a strap that has a hardware fitting on one end and is winched into place. The most common end fittings for a winch strap are flat hooks and chain extensions. Winch straps are typically secured in a winch that is fastened to the base of a truck trailer bed. Common types of winches include the sliding winch, used in conjunction with sliding winch track; the weld-on winch; or the bolt-on winch. Each winch has its place and it really depends on your application as to which winch you need for your tie down application. Flatbed trailers and flatbed straight trucks most commonly use a winch system to tie down cargo; however ratchet straps are used as well.

Each winch has a slot for the webbing to go through so it is secured to the winch. At the end of the winch there is a round hole into which the winch bar extends. The winch bar is operated by a handler to tighten the strap or straps to hold an object or load down. Winch bars are available in several styles including chrome and painted. In addition you could also turn your winch into a ratcheting winch.

Winch straps, tie downs, tie straps, cargo straps, E-track straps, nylon slings, recovery straps, tow ropes, cargo nets, and dozens of other items are used by thousands of shipping and trucking companies every day. The transportation industry is perhaps the largest user of high strength webbing in the world.

Many of these assemblies are utilized to tie down boats, motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, tractors, and more on or in a trailer. Many other towing and hauling products that are unique to the towing and recovery industry are made from durable nylon or polyester webbing as well.