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Truck Tie Down & Flatbed Winches

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19 Products

2" Lashing Truck Tie Down Winch (Left)


2" Lashing Truck Tie Down Winch (Right)


2" Lashing Truck Tie Down Winch


4" Storable Weld-On Truck Tie Down Winch (Bottom Mount)

SKU: TW410

4" Storable Sliding Truck Tie Down Winch (Bottom Mount)

Starting at
SKU: TW420

4" Standard Profile Double L Track Sliding Winch

Starting at
SKU: TW425

4" Low Profile Sliding Winch (Bottom Mount)

Starting at
SKU: TW421

4" Low Profile Double L Track Sliding Winch

Starting at
SKU: TW426

4" Low Profile Weld-On Truck Tie Down Winch (Side Mount)

SKU: TW412

4" Low Profile Portable Winch (Side Mount)

SKU: TW413

4" Standard Portable Winch (Bottom Mount)

SKU: TW411

4" Weld-On Combination Truck Tie Down Winch (Bottom Mount)

Standard Lead Time 2-4 business days.

SKU: TW418

Strap Winder

SKU: SW5000

SilverCap® OverDrive™ Ratcheting Cap


Porta Winch Truck Winch for Stake Pockets - Outward Offset

SKU: PW100

Porta Winch for Stake Pockets - Inward Offset for Track-Mounted Tarps

SKU: PW200

Straight Bolt-On Stake Pocket


Floor Chain Tiedown - Grade 70 Weld-On Model


Floor Chain Tiedown - Grade 70 Bolt-On Model


Cargo Tie Down Winches

Winch tie down systems are commonly used to secure cargo on flatbed trailers and straight trucks. In this setup, winches are used in combination with winch straps and other hardware to keep your load in place.

The winch is attached to the base of the trailer and includes a slot for the webbing, as well as a round hole into which a winch bar is inserted. After the strap is in position, the bar is used to tighten the strap, adding enough tension to prevent cargo movement. 

Attachment Options

There are several ways these can be attached to your flatbed, depending on your application needs. You will also need to take into account where it will go, as most are classified as bottom-mount or side-mount.

Weld-On Truck Tie Down Winch

Weld-ons are permanently affixed to your trailer. If you usually haul the same type of cargo, this durable option will meet your needs.

Sliding Trailer Winch

The sliding options are used in conjunction with winch track. You can move it along the track, then use tension to lock it in place.

Double L sliding winches slide in both directions for increased flexibility.

This style is ideal for multifaceted applications where you frequently carry different load configurations. It's simple to adapt to the new setup every time.

Portable Trailer Winch

The portable version also works well with different load types - it can be removed and reattached as needed. Each comes with two screws for easy placement.

Flatbed Trailer Winch Styles

After you've found the attachment option that works best for you, you can explore the different designs.

The styles listed below are compatible with an up to 4" winch strap unless otherwise noted.


Lashing flatbed winches have a quick-release option, similar to a ratchet. This added feature allows for fast, straightforward operation.

The lashing style is generally used with 2" webbing.


A combination winch can be used with either webbing or wire rope, making this the perfect choice for those who have versatile tie down needs.

Low Profile

These are designed to work in situations where space is limited. They also reduce the risk of a winch bar rollover for added safety.


As the name suggests, this version lets you store and protect excess webbing with ease.

Ratchet Winch Cap

Convert to a ratchet winch using the OverDrive ratcheting cap. It reduces load time and and is compatible with weld-on, sliding, and portable options.

It even has a weatherproof seal to protect key components from the elements.


Bolt-on stake pockets are made of zinc-plated steel and can be used with lumber or stake posts.

Turn stake pockets into strap anchor points with Porta Winches (both inward and outward offset available). With this accessories, you can tie down a load at any of the stake pockets on your trailer. This makes it adjusting your setup for different loads a breeze.

The inward offset allows for track-mounted tarp clearance.

Tie Down System Essentials

Tie downs, tie straps, cargo straps, E-track straps, nylon slings, recovery straps, tow ropes, cargo nets, and dozens of other items are used by thousands of shipping and trucking companies every day. Browse our wide selection to find exactly what you need for your job.

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