Nylon Lifting Slings

The Lifting Strap Experts

US Cargo Control is a trusted expert in the nylon lifting slings industry. Our made-in-the-USA lift slings are manufactured from heavy duty material treated to improve abrasion resistance and reduce wear, even in the most rigorous lifting applications. And because our heavy-duty nylon slings are built to handle the requirements of your lift, all are backed by our guarantee.

We have a wide variety of nylon lifting straps including eye & eye slings, endless slings, reverse eye, and more. We also carry polyester round slings, wire rope slingschain slings, and specialty slings for lifting 55 gallon drums, known as drum slings and drum lifters. Our nylon web slings can be made from single or multiple plies, include wear pads or sleeves, and are available in several configurations.

Need heavy duty nylon lifting slings but can't find what you're looking for? In addition to our selection of nylon lifting straps, we offer made-to-order custom nylon slings. All of our made-to-order slings have a standard lead time of 1-3 days for assembly prior to shipping. Note: Nylon slings do not automatically include proof testing certificates, but they can be provided for a nominal fee based on the size of the sling, if requested at the time you place your order.

If your job calls for a sling strap with less stretch, polyester round slings may be a good choice. Polyester sling straps have a stretch rating of only 3-5% at their rated capacity and are more pliable to prevent locking on the load. Though polyester lift slings offer less stretch, a nylon web sling offers a wide body to help stabilize a load. A nylon web sling will tend to have more stretch than a polyester sling but offers a wide body for good load stabilization.

We also sell a full line of lifting beams for load distribution and balancing.

Sling Proof Testing Certificates

Proof testing certificates can be supplied with your order for a nominal fee and must be requested at the time of order. Proof tests are performed in the factory where the sling is pull-tested to 2x the vertical rating and officially recorded as proof for governing bodies. During the standard manufacturing process, only random slings during a production run are tested for compliance; in order to provide proof testing certificates with your order, every sling must be pull-tested at the time of manufacture.

All of our nylon straps for lifting are made from 9,800 pounds per inch heavy-duty industrial grade webbing to industry standards. Every nylon sling has a Corfam tag sewn in that includes the working load limits for vertical, basket, and choker hitch uses when applicable. Corfam tags are imitation leather that performs better than leather when exposed to the elements and stretching heavy duty lifting straps endure.

Nylon Triangle Choker Sling: Type 1

The Triangle Choker sling is very similar to the standard Type 2 triangle sling as they both have steel triangles to help prevent wear and tear on eyes, which extends the life of the webbing sling. The difference between the two is that the triangle choker web sling has a larger, slotted triangle on one end that allows it to be used in a choker hitch. The Type 2 triangle sling can only be used in vertical and basket hitches, while the Type 1 triangle choker can be used in all three different hitch types. This versatility make the Type 1 triangle choker slings extremely economical lift all web slings.

The triangles are made of steel but can be made in aluminum (in sizes up to 6" wide and 1-ply capacities) by request. The triangle choker nylon lifting sling is available in 3-ply and 4-ply also for increased strength.

Triangle Sling: Type 2

A triangle sling strap is sometimes referred to as a Type 2 sling. These nylon straps can be used in a vertical hitch or basket hitch only. If a choker hitch is required, a triangle choker sling (Type 1) is a better choice as it is fitted with a slotted triangle on one end allowing the other end to pass through for the choker hitch. Triangle nylon lift slings are a good alternative for an eye & eye sling as the ends are fitted with steel triangles, or d-rings, which keep barbs from rough hooks rubbing against the nylon sling. Over time, a hook's rough surface may rub and wear on the nylon, causing abrasion damage and shortening the life of the lift sling. By using a triangle nylon web sling, the problem is solved by acting the same way an anchor shackle would for an eye & eye sling. Aluminum triangles are also available upon request. The triangle fittings are made from alloy steel, but can be made from aluminum (in limited sizes) upon request.

Flat Eye & Eye Sling: Type 3

Eye & Eye nylon lifting slings are very versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical or basket hitches. Our nylon eye & eye lift it slings come in various widths ranging from 1" to 12" wide and can be made with 1-ply, 2-ply, 3-ply or 4-ply thickness. We can also custom make an Eye & Eye sling to your specifications. Eye & Eye nylon rigging straps are also available in a round polyester design.

Twisted Eye & Eye Sling: Type 4

Similar in widths and ply thickness to the Type 3 Flat Eye & Eye sling, but these rigging nylon slings have a twist design. This modification does not affect the break strength or working load limit of the nylon straps, but a twisted eye lifting sling works better when used in a choker or basket hitch. Also like the Eye & Eye sling, we can custom make a Twisted Eye & Eye sling to nearly any size you need.

Endless Sling: Type 5

Endless slings are the most versatile of all nylon web slings because it can be used with any of the three most common hitches: vertical, basket or choker. Also known as a continuous loop sling, this lifting strap is formed by joining the ends of the webbing together with a load-bearing splice. This simple design makes them extremely economical as well as durable since you can easily change the contact area when you use it, which dramatically decreases the wear and tear on the fabric.

When measuring for an endless sling lift strap, keep in mind the sling is laid flat and measured end to end, not measured as a circumference. Endless nylon lift straps are also available in a round polyester design.

Reversed Eye Slings: Type 6 & Flat Eye Slings: Type 7

Reverse eye slings are durable hoisting straps that have the eyes and the body covered with tough CORDURA® fabric wear pads. This feature helps resist cutting and abrasion to extend the life of the sling. The design also lets you reverse the eyes, so the other side can be used as a second wearing surface, doubling the service life of the sling.

Reverse eye sling lift straps have the reversed eye at both ends equal to 1/2 the body width. The eyes of this lifting sling stand at 90 degrees to the sling body to prevent any twisting of the eye or sling body when using a basket or choker hitch. In addition to a basket and choker hitch, the reversed eye sling can also be used with a vertical hitch, making it extremely versatile. Reverse eye slings generally work better in a choker hitch than a straight eye sling due to the twisted eyes.

These hoist straps are also available with flat eyes, also known as a Type 7 sling, upon request, although the reverse eye is typically most common. If you're unsure which would work best for you needs, call us, we'll be happy to help you find the best lifting straps for the job.

The reverse eye web sling is most commonly manufactured in 2" to 6" widths. If you need a wider sling, try either the light duty cargo basket or continuous eye wide heavy duty cargo sling. These wide body slings come in widths up to 12". They offer a wider body for stability, but can only be used in basket hitches only.

Continuous Eye Wide - Type 8

The continuous eye wide lifting sling, sometimes called a wide body heavy duty basket, is great for extra heavy loads that require a wide body for stability. Though these straps for lifting can only be used in basket hitch applications, it can be an ideal web sling as the body can be as wide as 24" and 2-ply thickness to allow up to 108,000# basket rating. As opposed to the Attached Eye Wide Sling, the Continuous Eye wide sling has eyes that are a continuous part of the body to provide added strength.

Continuous eye nylon hoisting straps are very similar construction pattern to the Type 6 Reversed Eye Sling, but has a heavier load bearing capacity and tapered eyes due to the wider nylon webbing involved.

The length of continuous eye wide web lifting slings is determined by laying the sling flat and measuring from one end of the nylon sling to the other including the eyes.

Attached Eye Wide - Type 9

These nylon lifting straps are designed for lighter loads that require a wider surface area for load stability, so they're perfect for hauling delicate or finished surfaces. Need a lifting nylon strap with hook ends? Try the Type 9 Attached Eye Wide- the eyes are constructed with thinner webbing than the body to accommodate smaller fittings for attachment such as hoist hooks (hooks and other nylon strap accessories are sold separately). Also known as a light duty cargo basket sling, this style is for use with basket hitches only. Due to the smaller eye design, this light duty cargo sling ratings max out in the basket hitch at 10,000 for the 12" wide up to 24" wide. For a similar design but higher load capacities, check out our Continuous Eye Wide web sling. It can have basket ratings as high as 108,000 lbs. in a 2-ply 24" wide size.

Bridle Slings

Nylon bridle slings offer the versatility of a chain or wire rope bridle sling with the lightweight and easy-to-handle appeal of nylon. Because they are more ergonomic and lighter weight than wire rope or chain, the overall weight is reduced when lifting. Other benefits of a nylon bridle sling include a longer sling because the points can be rotated, and shock absorption due to the stretch of the fabric (each leg of a nylon bridle sling will stretch approximately 3% at rated capacity). Sling configurations available: single leg, double leg, triple leg, and quad leg, and can be fitted with oblongs, hooks, or sewn loops.

Boat Slings & Boat Lifting Straps

Nylon lifting slings and straps excel as boat slings, as lifting with straps of stretch helps to distribute the weight to make the job easier and safer. Because of the variety of boat sizes and styles, our boat lifting straps / synthetic webbing slings are available in all shapes and sizes. Economy boat slings can be made of 1- or 2-ply nylon and have end fittings such as pear links or triangles. These types of heavy duty lifting straps are perfect for smaller boats such as kayaks, canoes and other smaller boats. We also offer heavy-duty boat slings up to 4-ply in design. We can customize nearly any boat lift sling you need. Call one of our nylon industrial slings experts today for more information on sizing and pricing of our nylon slings, rigging supplies and more.

Strap Care and Maintenance

Our durable, heavy duty nylon lifting straps and slings will offer years of use when cared for properly. To extend the life of your movers sling, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Improper loading use: Overloading, unbalanced loading and shock loading can affect the overall strength of lifting nylon slings. This includes not maintaining a proper sling angle during use. The sling angle is measured between the sling leg and a horizontal line. If the angle decreases, the load on each leg increases. Angles of less than 30 degrees should be avoided to maintain the integrity of hoist straps.

  • Abrasions and foreign matter: Punctures and damage to the fabric of nylon hoisting straps can reduce its strength. Nylon can hold foreign material like metal shavings, weld splatter and grit, which can seriously limit the working life of the sling.

  • Light and temperature : Repeated and prolonged exposure to sunlight or even light from an arc welder can stiffen and bleach a lifting strap. Nylon degrades at temperatures at or above 194 degrees F, so keeping your equipment protected from extreme temperature and light conditions is important.

  • Cuts: Nylon straps lifting cargo are susceptible to damage from load edge movement against the nylon. Nylon sling manufacturers suggest inspecting your appliance sling carefully before, during and after use for any signs of cuts in the fabric due to abrasion from the load.

Whether you're looking for a standard lifting sling, custom made slings and straps, or wholesale nylon lifting slings, you can count on US Cargo Control as one of the premier lifting slings suppliers in the country. Call to speak to one of our web sling experts today.