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Drum Slings & Drum Lifters

2 Products

Vertical Drum Sling w/ Harness

Standard Lead Time 10-12 business days.


Vertical Drum Sling w/ Barrel Hooks

Standard Lead Time 10-12 business days.

Drum slings and drum lifters move 55 gallon drums effortlessly and efficiently. Choose from a harness design or one with hooks; both types of drum handling equipment are designed for use with a forklift or crane. The harness drum sling can also be used to dump or pour contents from a ribbed drum or barrel.

All of our nylon drum slings and harnesses are made in the USA of superior raw materials and components.

Need a horizontal sling or a custom-made drum handler or sling? Let us know and we"ll do our best to find it. Give our expert sales staff a call today . A drum lifter sling is constructed of 1" or 2" webbing and used for drum handling in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. Whether you choose a sling with a harness or hooks, the nylon"s ability to gradually stretch is ideal for moving 55 gallon drums with a forklift or crane.

A drum lift with a harness utilizes a ratchet mechanism to tighten the webbing around the barrel. This type of lift works only with ribbed barrels. Once the base webbing is tightened the vertical legs/loop is hooked to a forklift or crane. A benefit of this type of barrel lifter is that it allows the barrel to be tilted once hoisted to allow the user to pour the contents out.

Drum lifts with barrel hooks differ in that they do not loop around the body of the barrel. Instead, the hooks curve to fit the barrel and the webbing loops through the eyes on the hooks. A benefit of this type of sling is that it can be made with a longer length of webbing and used in a horizontal position as well.

Like all of our lifting slings, our drum lifters are customizable. Call our sales team of lifting sling professionals for more information on all of the 55 gallon drum handling equipment we have available.

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