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Wire Rope Slings

Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings are extremely strong, making them an excellent choice for heavy-duty jobs involving not only lifting, but also hoisting, towing, or anchoring loads.

Their primary advantages are abrasion-resistance and heat-resistance, a combination that's well-suited for extreme conditions and temperatures. Steel cable slings are also quite pliable, meaning they can conform to the shape of a load for a more secure application.

Sling Cables

Wire rope slings are commonly manufactured using either bright steel 6x19 or 6x36 wire rope, although other options are also available.

What's the Difference Between 6x19 & 6x36?

These numbers indicate the wire rope's construction. The first number represents the number of strands wrapped around the wire rope's core, while the second number represents the number of wires making up each strand. For example, 6x19 indicates that there are 19 wires making up a strand, and 6 strands wrapped around the core.

Each wire rope strand configuration offers different benefits compatible with specific applications. In general, a smaller number of large outer wires offers better wear- and corrosion-resistance, while a larger number of small wires provides a better level of flexibility and fatigue-resistance.

For extreme flexibility, check out our cable laid slings. Manufactured using a 7x7x7 galvanized wire rope (composed of 7 strands of 7x7 cables), they bend easily and offer superior resistance to kinking for specialized applications.

Wire Rope Sling Cores

The core of the wire rope used in steel cable slings can be made of several different materials, including steel or natural fibers. Our steel wire rope slings are made with Extra Improved Plowed Steel (EIPS) around an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Wire Sling Eyes

The eye loops on our sling cables are created with a Flemish splice for the most efficient use of capacity.

The Flemish splice is a mechanical splice where the rope cable is separated into two parts (one part has three strands, the other part has the remaining three strands plus the core), then re-laid back in the opposite direction to form the loop. The ends are then secured with a carbon steel sleeve around the entire area. 

Steel Cable Sling Configurations

Our categories of wire rope slings are broken down by number of legs, hardware, and the diameter of the wire rope. Each sling is made to order, so custom wire slings are also always an option if you don't see what you're looking for here.

Single Leg Lifting Cables

Sometimes called eye & eye slings because the most popular style has an oval "eye" at each end, these 1 leg cable slings are rugged and reliable and a very popular choice among wire slings.

Single leg cable slings are available in a variety of styles: Eye & Thimble, Thimble & Thimble, Eye & Hook, Eye & Eye, Sliding Choker, Spelter Socket, Swage Socket, and Cable Laid.

Multi-Leg Leg Wire Rope Slings

Multi-leg wire rope slings allow for improved balance and load control. Their design includes protective thimbles to reduce rope wear and extend sling life, and they are available in six or seven different rope diameters, depending on the leg count.

Wire Rope Grommets

If you are working in a low headroom application, wire rope grommets have an endless design that requires less space for lifting or rigging.

Braided Wire Rope Slings

Braided wire rope slings are formed when multiple wire ropes are braided continuously to form the body of the sling and the eye/eyes into a single fabricated sling. They are excellent for higher capacity lifts, and can conform snugly to a load that's in a choker hitch. Because of the braided design, they also are more resistant to kinking.

Our braided wire rope slings are made in the USA and available in a variety of configurations, including a 3-part braid, 6-part braid, 8-part braid, and 9-part braid.

Import vs. Domestic Lifting Slings

We offer a wide selection of both import and domestic wire rope slings, so it's simple to find the right fit for your application.

Our domestic slings are made in the USA with quality components from leading companies like Crosby.

Import slings are a more cost-effective choice yet offer the same wire rope strength and working load limits as our domestic options.

Calculating the Length of a Wire Rope Sling

Wire rope bridles are measured by the length of the sling leg plus the end hook. The length of the oblong master should not be included in the overall measurement.

Wire Rope Sling Protection

"Slings in contact with edges, corners, protrusions, or abrasive surfaces shall be protected with a material of sufficient strength, thickness, and construction to prevent damage." - ASME B30.9 (2021) 9-5.10.4(d)

We carry a number of sling protection options that are compatible with wire rope slings - browse our selection today!

Sling Proof Testing Certificates

All of our slings are inspected, certified, and tagged with metal tags displaying rated capacities by hitch types and angles; diameter or size; and name/trademark of the manufacturer.

Proof testing certificates can be supplied with your order for a nominal fee and must be requested at the time of order. Proof tests are performed in the factory where the sling is pull tested to 2x the vertical rating and officially recorded as proof for governing bodies. During the standard manufacturing process, only random slings during a production run are tested for compliance; in order to provide proof testing certificates with your order, every sling must be pull tested at the time of manufacture.

More Lifting & Rigging Supplies

If steel wire rope slings are not the best choice for your application, we also offer chain slings, nylon lifting slings, and polyester round slings in a wide range of styles and capacities. As with all of our lifting slings, customization is always an option.

We also carry related products and accessories like anchor shackleswire rope thimbles, wire rope clips, and rigging hooks.


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