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Wire Rope
Bright Steel Wire Rope
Bright Steel Wire Rope

Bright Wire Rope

Bright steel wire rope is the most cost-effective wire rope option. It's uncoated except for lubricant to provide basic friction and corrosion protection.

For any application where rust is a concern, we recommend galvanized wire rope or stainless steel wire rope. The galvanized finish can handle many standard applications, while the stainless steel is tough enough to stand up to marine or other high-moisture environments.

Uncoated Wire Rope Cores

Choose between two different core options - a steel IWRC or a fiber core. Both offer different advantages - a fiber core is more flexible, making the rope easier to handle. IWRCs are stronger, more crush-resistant, and more heat-resistant, making them better suited for a wider range of jobs.


If you aren't sure which bright steel wire rope is right for you, call to speak to one of our product experts! Most of our wire rope products are in-stock, so you'll get the items you need quickly!