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Wire Rope
Galvanized Wire Rope - Steel Core
Galvanized Wire Rope - Steel Core

A galvanized cable wire is a steel wire configuration that’s treated with a thin layer of zinc to prevent corrosion. Galvanized wire rope is ideal for outside uses since it can withstand the elements and harsh environments.

Galvanized steel wire rope is most cost -effective in comparison to stainless steel wire rope; however the level of corrosion protection is not as great. Galvanized steel cable is slightly stronger than a comparably-sized stainless steel wire rope. Some wire ropes, such as 7 x 9 galvanized aircraft cable are also available with a vinyl coating to provide further protection. Vinyl coated galvanized cable is a popular choice in aircraft cable because of the rope is easier to handle, yet remains flexible.

Galvanized cable is common in many industries, including irrigation, agricultural, erosion control, and marine.

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