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Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Spin-Resistant Wire Rope

Rotation-resistant wire rope is specifically designed to prevent cable rotation while under a load. This is accomplished by laying the inner strands in the opposite direction as the outer strands. The rotational force of the two layers counteracts each other, reducing the chance of spin.

Rotation-Resistant Wire Rope Effectiveness

The level of rotation resistance a wire rope provides is dependent upon both the number of strand layers and the number of outer strands.

All of these wire ropes have two layers - one inner and one outer. While not as rotation-resistant as three layers, this configuration still has good non-rotating properties.

When it comes to the number of outer strands, higher is better. The 19x19 and the 19x7 wire ropes both have 12 outer strands, generally classifying them as rotation-resistant. The 6x26 and 8x19 have 8 or fewer outer strands, so they fit in the less-effective spin-resistant category.


If you aren't sure which rotation-resistant wire rope is right for you, give our product experts a call! Most of our wire rope is in-stock and ships quickly!

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