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What's the Difference Between Woven and Non-Woven Moving Blankets?

Professional movers look to US Cargo Control for professional moving equipment. If you don't see an item in our cargo moving supplies category, please contact our sales team toll-free. One of our product experts will be happy to help you find what you need.

Moving Blankets & Moving Pads

Moving blankets and pads are some of our mover's equipment specialties at US Cargo Control. With 10 different styles to choose from, in every price range and quality level, we are the sales leaders in the blanket and pad area.

Our “best” category includes high-quality movers blankets like our Supreme, Pro Mover, and Performance styles. All are in a cotton/polyester blend for the ultimate in durability and protection. We recommend these blankets for your most precious cargo.

The “better” group of moving blankets includes Mega Mover, Preferred Mover, Multi Mover, and Camo blankets, all in a mid-weight woven fabric that is resistant to tears. A zig-zag stitch and finished corners on all sides make this an extremely durable, reliable option.

Our “good” category of mover supplies blankets is made up of our Econo Deluxe, Econo Mover, and Econo Saver blankets. In a non-woven fabric, these blankets are your answer if you are looking for cheap moving supplies.

Skins” are lightweight moving pads that are non-quilted and offer the lightest protection in moving supplies. Cheap prices make them economical, as they are perfect moving products for one-time use.

All of our moving blankets are sold as bulk moving supplies in dozen bundles, as well as 4-packs and singles. Custom packs of moving blankets may also be an option; call our sales team for more information.

Moving Dollies

Utility dollies are essential moving accessories when it comes to moving heavy items such as furniture, heavy boxes, or appliances like a freezer or refrigerator. Moving equipment dollies generally have four non-marking wheels and a wide, low base made of wood or steel. We offer different styles of these furniture moving equipment must-haves: with rubber grip material or carpeted ends. A 4-wheel dolly is also great to have on hand at the job; they’re great office furniture moving equipment, making moving desks, filing cabinets, etc. easy and safe.

Quilted Covers

Quilted furniture covers are the best way to protect furniture and appliances during a move. And if items must stay in storage for a period of time during the moving process, these durable quilted covers movers supplies are great for protecting items from dirt and dust. We also carry adjustable covers to fit doors, door jambs, banisters, and railings to protect your home while moving furniture in or out.

Appliance & Hand Trucks

Considered a requirement when it comes to furniture moving equipment, hand trucks come in a variety of styles and durability levels for every type of mover and every kind of job. A basic steel hand truck is perfect for lighter loads, while a model with included straps or a locking auto-recoil mechanism works great as refrigerator moving equipment. Our appliance moving equipment also includes moving blanket covers that cover the hand truck to protect the items being moved from dings and scratches. Our line of hand trucks is also completely customizable. Wheels, nose plates, stair climbers, and handles let you build the hand truck into the perfect furniture moving equipment for your needs.

Floor Runners

Neoprene floor runners not only create a non-slip surface, they also protect the flooring underneath from dings and dents that can happen during a move. Available in a range of sizes and colors, these handy runners are washable and can be cut for fit for a customized cover.

Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

US Cargo Control’s wholesale packing supplies include a range of special-purpose moving boxes to fit nearly any need: lamps, artwork, golf clubs, and dishes to name a few. We also sell regular-sized boxes in bundles to offer you the best possible price. And don’t forget to add bubble wrap and paper to your list of packing supplies for moving. Generally, professional movers supply boxes to their customers, but it’s always a good idea to buy a few to have to pack up those last-minute items.

Stretch wrap is another professional moving supply that’s great for DIY movers. Available in either 80 gauge blown stretch wrap or a pre-stretched wrap, it’s perfect for securing loads and binding smaller, irregularly-shaped items together.

Moving Straps & Bands

Moving equipment supply straps like the Teamstrap, Forearm Forklift, and Shoulder Dolly are designed for a two-person team to lift and carry heavy items. Moving straps are especially useful if you are moving items up stairs, around corners, or on uneven ground. Moving equipment straps use weight distribution and leverage between the two people to make the item feel lighter. Using larger muscle groups like the shoulders and thighs to lift, frees your hands for better control to maneuver the item. This unique piece of heavy furniture moving equipment can also prevent undue stress on back muscles. We've also added Magic Sliders to our selection of furniture moving equipment. They're another safe moving equipment option for heavier furniture and appliances.

With appliance moving straps and furniture sliders, moving heavy objects has never been easier. Moving large items often also calls for moving blankets straps and large rubber bands. Cinch straps are adjustable and reusable and are used to keep cords, hoses, wires, etc. together. Bands are extra-large rubber bands that stretch to go around a large moving blanket-covered item to keep the blanket secure.

Plastic Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

Plastic covers for furniture and mattress bags are an economical choice for protecting your larger pieces of furniture and beds during a move. They'll provide a layer to keep scuffs, stain, dust, and dirt off, without adding lots of extra weight. They're also great for use during remodeling or painting projects.

Why US Cargo Control for Moving Supplies?

When a job calls for a variety of cargo supply moving equipment, look to US Cargo Control as your mover's warehouse supply superstore. As one of the few moving supply distributors offering everything from cheap supplies like bubble wrap to commercial moving equipment like appliance carts, professional and do-it-yourselfers alike will find the very best selection at value prices every day at US Cargo Control.

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