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H-Dolly 4" Wheel 18" x 30" - Mover Grade

SKU: HD4014

Carpeted Moving Dolly 4" Wheel 18" x 30"

SKU: CD4002

Rubber Cap Moving Dolly: 18" x 32" with 4" Wheels

SKU: RCD4017

Snap-Loc Heavy Duty Moving Dolly - 1,500 lbs. capacity

SKU: SLD1500

Connector Strap for Snap-Loc Moving Dolly




A moving dolly, sometimes also called furniture moving dollies or a moving dolly, can be either a 2-wheeled upright hand truck or a 4-wheeled platform-style piece of equipment. Both are versatile, useful items to have on hand. For moving jobs, furniture dollies can easily transport large or bulky items that are too heavy or big to carry. They're also handy to have around the house for those little tasks: moving a large potted plant outside on the patio, an oversized box in a storage room, even a heavy toolbox in the garage.

US Cargo Control carries a variety of moving dollies, in both 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled styles, suitable for nearly any type of job. Different features set them apart, and a range of prices make these an affordable option for nearly any budget.

4 Wheel Dolly

A basic 4-wheeled dolly is generally made of a durable, hard wood that may or may not be finished with a protective varnish. It often has carpeting, foam or rubber on the ends to protect the item sitting on the dolly from scratches and dings while moving it. Rubber is also very helpful in keeping the item from sliding as it offers a bit more of a grip on the item than carpet does (a rubber cap dolly is also known as a Chicago Dolly). Swivel wheels on a dolly for moving makes it easy to maneuver and are often called "non marking wheels," meaning they won't leave black marks as it rolls across the floor. As you begin looking at higher prices dollies, you'll notice the casters, or wheel assemblies, are more durable. Most basic movie dollies have a load capacity around 800 lbs.

Dollies for moving furniture can be basic, but for larger jobs and heavier items, consider a heavy duty model in a more durable design with extra features. Generally, the platform decks are made of a mold-injected polymer or steel-reinforced fabrication and have a heavier weight limit of 1000 to 1200 lbs. Our Snap-Loc Dolly even has the ability to connect to multiple dollies to create a platform sized to the job.

2 Wheel Dolly

A hand truck or hand cart is an upright, handled version of a movers dolly. In fact, they're sometimes called utility dollies or appliance dollies because they're great for moving heavy items appliances like a refrigerator or a washing machine. Unlike 4 wheel moving dollies, a hand cart has only two wheels.

Styles range from simple to heavy-duty and they're great dollies for moving a wide range of items. Designed to be loaded then tipped back and rolled, they offer leverage to lighten the load and making moving more efficient, with less strain on back muscles.

A basic hand truck model is lightweight so it's perfect for moving narrow, yet bulky items or stacks of boxes. Mid-range hand cart dollies are often made of aluminum so they are also lightweight, but wider tires make them sturdier for bigger, heavier loads. Hand trucks made for moving heavier items like appliances are often designed with extras, like a wider platform, a built-in appliance dolly strap, or a locking auto-recoil mechanism. Another feature of some hand truck moving dollies is its ability to fold for easy storage when not in use. Basic models generally have a load capacity of around 400 lbs., while heavy-duty hand cart dollies have the ability to move up to approximately 750 lbs.

All hand trucks- from basic to heavy duty are essential if you are moving items up stairs. They also make moving items up and down a ramp, such as on a moving truck, easier and faster.

US Cargo Control sells a range of hand trucks, as well as protective covers. These durable quilted covers are designed to cover the dolly to prevent dings and scratches to items when they are tipped back against it.

Planning a move or just have odd jobs around the house that require heavy lifting? Consider buying a dolly. Moving jobs and everyday tasks can take less time and effort with the right moving dolly.

If you have any questions about any of our moving dollies for sale, hand trucks or any of our moving supplies, contact our sales team toll free and a moving supply expert will be happy to help you find what we need.

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