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Flatbed Equipment & Accessories

As a flatbed truck and trailer equipment and accessory provider, we stand behind our products. We carry all the flatbed securement equipment you need and take pride in having the best customer service in the trucking equipment industry.


Flatbed winches are fastened to the base of your trailer, then used in conjunction with winch straps to secure your haul.

Winch attachment options include welding, bolting, and via winch track. The straps come in multiple colors - blue, green, yellow, red - so you can match your company's logo!

Flatbed Straps

Along with the winch straps, we also carry a wide selection of ratchet straps and other flatbed equipment tie downs.

Our trucker's straps are primarily made from polyester webbing, an extremely strong material with very little stretch. There's a diverse selection of end fittings to choose from, including flat hooks, snap hooks, and E-track fittings.

Transport Chains & Binders

Looking for a more heavy duty tie down for your flatbed trailer? Check out our selection of Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 tie down chain. All three grades feature increased working load limits for greater load capacity. 

They also provide the opportunity to use fewer chains or even smaller chains to secure your load.

Don't forget the binder! Load binders are used to tighten the chain and come in two styles: ratchet and lever. Lever binders are faster to use, but ratchet binders are less likely to recoil.

Trailer Tarps

Flatbed equipment tarps from US Cargo Control are made from PVC-coated polyester - it's resistant to tears, UV, and mildew!

Several styles are available so you can choose the one that's best for your application. We offer lumber tarps, machinery tarps, three-piece tarps, even custom tarps!

Flatbed Equipment Starter Kits

If you are a new driver or are adding trucks to your fleet, purchase one of our flatbed starter kits to get the most commonly-used flatbed truck accessories.

We offer one for lumber hauling, one for steel hauling, and another for more general transport applications.

More Flatbed Accessories

Check out the rest of our hauling supplies, like E-track, airline logistic track, D-rings, corner protectors, rubber rope, wheel netssafety flags, and shock cord.

Truck Supplies Support

Have a question about any of our flatbed trailer accessories? Need custom winch straps? Rather place your order by phone? Give us a call - our sales team will be glad to help.

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