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Pewag Chain Products

Pewag Chain Products

Heavy-Duty Pewag Chain

For hundreds of years, Pewag has been expertly manufacturing chains and chain fittings. Their product line spans from durable grade 120 chain for lifting to reliable anti-theft security chain.

Their high-quality materials are thoroughly tested before use, and their focus on innovation allows them to prioritize both performance and safety.

Grade 120 Chain

Grade 120 chain is incredibly strong - up to 20% stronger than grade 100. This means you can get the same results with a smaller, lighter chain.

The square link design offers superior bending- and fatigue-resistance, and the light blue powder coating adds extra corrosion-resistance.

Chain Fittings

Pewag chain fittings like master links and eye grab hooks have the same blue coating, making them easy to identify. All are available in a variety of sizes so you can choose the option best-suited for your application.

Grade 120 Chain Slings

Looking for pre-assembled slings? We offer those too! Our grade 120 slings come in both standard and adjustable styles with leg configurations ranging from 1-4.

Chain slings are much more durable than polyester or nylon slings, and can be safely used in demanding environments due to their higher temperature tolerance and cut resistance.

Security Chain

Protect what's important with Pewag anti-theft chain. Like the grade 120 chain, this chain also utilizes a square profile. The square design prevents bolt cutters from getting a good grip so they are harder to cut through.


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