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Moving Rubber Bands

6 Products

Big Rubber Bands | 25" - 50" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Big Rubber Bands | 30" - 60" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Big Rubber Bands | 36" - 72" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Oversized Rubber Bands | 42" - 84" Diameter | 1 Dozen


Extra Large Moving Bands Multi-length - 36 Pack

You save 10%

Standard Mover Band Holder - 3.5" Hooks x 17" Long


Moving rubber bands, also called moving bands, movers bands, or heavy duty rubber bands, are used for securing items during a move. They are perfect securing moving blankets or pads around furniture for protection from moving or storage. They also work well to ensure drawer stay closed when being moved. These bands are available in a variety of lengths, including 25", 30", 36", and 42". Each band stretches over twice its length. These reusable bands can be used time and time again to hold your furniture together securely.

When not in use, mover band holders can be used to organize your bands. Our mover band holders snap into place on E track, providing several hooks to be used to sort and store your mover bands. When the need arises for one, simply grab it off the hook and you are ready to move!

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