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Floor Protectors

11 Products

27" x 20' Neoprene Floor Runner - Black



27" x 20' Neoprene Floor Runner - Red

You save 10%

Scuff Guard Floor Protector - 30" x 48" w/ Pull Strap


27" x 180' Neoprene Floor Runner - Black

SKU: FRN27x180-BLK

27" x 180' Neoprene Floor Runner - Blue

SKU: FRN27x180-BLU

27" x 180' Neoprene Floor Runner - Red

You save 5%
SKU: FRN27x180-R

Carpet Shield Protective Carpet Film: 24" x 200'

SKU: CPRO24200

Carpet Shield Protective Carpet Film: 24" x 200'; 9-Pack

You save 5%
SKU: CPRO24200-9PK

Carpet Shield Protective Carpet Film: 24" x 50'


Carpet Shield Protective Carpet Film: 24" x 50'; 25-Pack

You save 5%
SKU: CPRO2450-25PK

Neoprene floor runner and carpet protector products are the ideal layer of protection for floors during a move. Not only do they protect carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, linoleum and other flooring from scratches and dings, they create a flat, non-slip surface and can be cut to fit as needed.

A Neo Shield neoprene runner is an excellent way to protect floors, not only during a household move, but also during remodeling or construction jobs. The lightweight design can be cut to size easily and quickly with household scissors, so they're also a great option for protecting smaller areas such as countertops and stairs to offer a layer of protection from dings or scratches from tools, lumber, etc. A non-adhesive backing will keep it in place without leaving a sticky residue behind. After the project, simply wipe to clean and re-use as needed.

The thin profile also makes these handy runners a good choice if you need a non slip surface for a garage, shop, or patio. Also excellent for lining the floor of pickup truck cargo boxes, small covered utility trailers, large tool boxes, or other areas where cargo may damage a floor during transit.

Carpet Shield® plastic carpet protector is another great option to protect floors during a move. Unlike a traditional carpet protection film or rubber flooring rolls, Carpet Shield® has a self-adhering feature that keeps it in place. The polyethylene fabrication is lightweight, yet strong, making it puncture-resistant but easy to handle. Like the neoprene floor mat, Carpet Shield® can also be customized by cutting to fit any space.

The lightweight design of Carpet Shield® also makes it ideal for covering other surfaces such as countertops during a remodel, protecting the surface from grit and grime, and making clean up a breeze.

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