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Although it's commonly called aircraft cable, the commercial grade 7 x 19 aircraft control cable cannot be used for aircraft controls. Instead, it's a general purpose wire rope that's useful in many types of industries and applications. Popular uses include winch lines, slings, fences, railings, rigging of sailboats.

Airline cables are available in a galvanized finish, stainless steel finish, a vinyl coated galvanized rope and a vinyl coated stainless steel rope. A galvanized aircraft cable is superior in providing corrosion resistance, but will offer quite the same level of protection that a stainless steel aircraft cable will offer. Galvanized aircraft cable strength, however, is slightly higher than stainless steel aircraft cable. For additional protection, this configuration is also available in a vinyl coated wire rope option. A vinyl coating adds an extra layer to protect the wire from dirt, grit, moisture and other abrasions. The coating also helps to seal in lubrication, reducing wear on pulleys and sheaves. A vinyl coated cable is also easier to handle in aircraft cable assemblies.

Commercial grade airline cable cannot be used for aircraft controls. Meets or exceeds applicable federal specification RR-W-410 (latest revision).

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