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7x19 Vinyl Coated Galvanized

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Min. order of 300 required

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Min. order of 100 required

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Min. order of 70 required
Also known as aircraft cable, this 7 x 19 wire rope should not be used for aircraft purposes. The construction includes 7 strands with 19 wires per strand construction in galvanized steel results in a cable that"s both flexible and creates excellent resistance to corrosion. A vinyl coating adds a layer of protection to shield the wire from grit, dirt, moisture and other abrasions. The tough yet flexible layer also seals in lubricant, to reduce wear on pulleys and sheaves. A PVC coated wire rope is also easier to handle.

This general purpose coated wire rope is ideal for use in fences and railings, sailboat rigging, winch lines, garage door cables, etc. Plastic coated cable is also easier to handle than non coated steel cable.

Please note: commercial grade PVC coated cable cannot be used for aircraft controls. Coated aircraft cable meets or exceeds applicable federal specification RR-W-410 (latest revision).