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Socket Wire Rope Slings

A wire rope sling is used for different lifting and rigging applications. Wire rope can be used both as a static support system or it can be used to help move an object or load. Using this type of rope as support could look like putting it on suspension bridges or towers. Wire rope slings can be attached to cranes to help lift and move heavy duty loads in a safe and controlled way.

When someone talks about a socket wire rope sling, they are referring to attaching a socket to the ends of a length of wire rope. Socketing, or fitting the socket to the end of the wire rope, can occur in different ways, depending on the type of socket. There are different types of sockets out there that are named for the way they are attached to the wire sling.

Spelter Socket

One common type of socket is a spelter or poured socket. This type of socket is attached to the end of a wire rope cable by pouring molten zinc or resin into the socket. This hardens to hold the socket into place. Spelter sockets slings are great options because they offer a very efficient attachment; this type of socket gives you 100% efficiency of your wire rope break. However, the spelter socket can experience fatigue where the wires enter the socket.

Swage Socket

Another common type of socket is the swage socket. A swage socket is attached to the end of a wire sling by using a hydraulic machine and special dies. This type of socket is more resistant to wire fatigue at the point of connection between the socket and cable, but it does not always have as much break strength efficiency as a spelter socket.

Open vs. Closed Sockets

Both the spelter and swage sockets discussed above can be purchased as an open or closed socket. An open socket features a pin that can attach your sling to another type of fitting. A closed socket has a hole that is made for a pin or bolt. These differences allow for different types of lifting and rigging applications.

Wondering which type of socket wire sling is best for your next project? Contact our sales specialists to learn more.