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Swage Socket Slings

A wire rope sling can be used in many different lifting and rigging applications, including as a static support, as well as an attachment to a crane to move heavy-duty loads. A swage socket can be added as a treatment to the end of the wire rope to add increased functionality for heavy-duty lifting and rigging.

Swage sockets are named that way because of how the socket is attached to the wire. This socket is attached using a swager, or a hydraulic machine along with special dies. This type of socket is a great choice for lifting and rigging because swage sockets are more resistant to fatigue where the cable and socket come together. Swage sockets can also give you 95 – 100% of the rope’s strength when they are properly fitted.

Our swage sockets can be fitted to wire rope slings from ¼ inch to 1-1/2 inches in diameter to get you the capacity and working load limit you need for your project. These swage socket slings can also be found with both open and closed swage sockets.

Open & Open Swage Sockets

Open swage sockets give you a pin that can attach to another fitting or a hook block for a crane lift. This sling option has an open socket on each end.

Closed & Closed Swage Sockets

A closed swage socket has a hole in it that can fit a bolt or pin. This wire rope sling assembly has a closed swage socket on each end.

Open & Closed Swage Sockets

This type of wire rope sling assembly has an open swage socket with a pin on one end and a closed swage socket with a hole on the other end. This allows for multiple capabilities.

We offer multiple options when it comes to swage sockets slings. You can get open & open swage sockets slings, open & closed swage socket slings, or closed & closed swage socket slings. Questions about which socket sling is right for you? Contact our expert sales specialists!