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Braided Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings can help with heavy-duty crane lifts, but braided wire slings can offer you even more capability. A braided sling is formed by plaiting or braiding wire ropes together to form the sling body and an eye at each end.

This type of sling has many advantages over a regular wire sling, including its increased flexibility, increased friction to grip loads, even stress distribution, increased rated capacity, and kink resistance. That means you can perform high-capacity lifts in a safer and easier way. A braided wire sling also is often used when loads need to be turned because the braid offers the right friction and kink resistance to turn loads safely.

Our braided wire rope slings are made with Extra Improved Plow (EIP) steel, and they have an Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC) to give you more strength. The IWRC is the strongest type of core for wire rope, so you can get the high performance you need for heavy-duty lifts.

3 Part Braided Sling

If you are looking for a cost-effective braided sling that can still get the job done, you can check out the 3 part braided sling. This sling is braided in 3 parts to give you both strength and flexibility. If you want more capability, you can check out some of the other braided sling options.

6 Part Braided Sling

You can also purchase a 6 part braided sling. This 6 part braided sling has a flat cross section with a wide surface area, which allows for good balance and load control.

8 Part Braided Sling

The 8 part braided sling is our most popular option. This crane sling is braided and forms a round shape. It is highly resistant to rotation and kinks, and the helical shape can help with even stress distribution of the load.

9 Part Braided Sling

If you are looking for an even higher rated capacity, you can go with the 9 part braided sling. This 9 part braided sling can offer you the highest rated capacity of our braided wire slings, which can allow you to perform high-capacity lifts.

Trying to decide which braided sling is right for your next project? Our expert sales staff can help!