Custom Wire Rope Slings

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Wire Rope Construction

Wire rope construction refers to how many strands make up the rope and how many wires make up one strand. 6x19 is the most common option, as it provides superior abrasion-resistance. 6x36 rope is more flexible, but is more susceptible to abrasion-related damage.

The 7x7x7 rope slings are generally used for more specialized applications – they are incredibly flexible and more resistant to kinking than standard wire rope.

Rotation-resistant wire rope is also available - you can specify that in the "Unsure / Other" text box.

Wire Rope Finish

Bright (unfinished) wire rope is the standard. It's coated with a lubricant to reduce friction and to provide a limited amount of protection against corrosion.

If more corrosion-resistance is needed, choose a galvanized or stainless steel finish.

End Hardware

While we've listed out the most common options in the form below, there are plenty of other sling hooks / end fittings you can use. Simply clarify what you are looking for in "Other" text box and we will reach out if we need more information!


Skip the form and call to speak to one of our product experts if you have a specialized application, aren't sure what you are looking for, or need more information. They can provide answers to any questions you may have, help you choose the sling configuration that will work best for you, and provide a quote.

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