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Spelter Socket Slings

Wire rope slings are a necessity in many different rigging industries. A wire rope sling is attached to a crane to help move loads in a controlled way. For a wire rope sling to be helpful, it needs to have a termination or treatment at the end to form an eye or attach a fitting to connect the load.

A socket is just one type of termination that can be used at the end of a wire rope to support an object or move a load, and a spelter socket is one type of socket. A spelter socket is also referred to as a poured socket. This is because the socket is attached to the wire rope cable by pouring molten resin into the socket. The resin is then allowed to harden to hold the socket onto the cable. A poured socket or spelter socket is a highly efficient one because of this process. This type of socket delivers 100% efficiency of rope breaking strength. A spelter socket is a popular option because it can have more efficiency of rope breaking strength than a swage socket. However, a swage socket is more resistant to fatigue where the cable and socket come together.

Open vs. Closed Spelter Socket

A spelter socket can be found in an open or closed variety. The closed socket is rounded with a hole for a pin or bolt. The open socket has a pin in it so that it can be attached to another type of fitting. These different types of sockets allow for different applications.

We offer open & open spelter socket slings, open & closed spelter socket slings, and closed & closed spelter socket slings.

Size and Capability

The working load limit of a spelter socket sling depends upon the type of socket and the length and diameter of the crane sling. Our spelter sockets can be found on crane slings from ¼ inch in diameter to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. It can also be manufactured at lengths from 2 feet to 20 feet. The diameter and length contribute to the working load limit of the sling, which can range from 0.68 to 22.8 tons.

As mentioned above, spelter socket slings can be found with both open sockets and closed sockets. You can check out our inventory of open & open spelter socket slings, open & closed spelter socket slings, and closed & closed spelter socket slings.

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