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Anchor, Bow, Chain, and D Shackles
Anchor, Bow, Chain, and D Shackles

Lifting & Rigging Shackles

Shackles - including anchor shackles, chain shackles, and more - are a versatile tool for connecting lifting slings, wire rope, chain, and rope - these links are essential for a number of rigging, lifting, pulling, and hoisting applications.

Because they come in a wide variety of styles and types, choosing the right one for the job can be confusing.

We've outlined some of the basics below. If you have any questions, contact one of our product specialists for more information.

Shackle Types

There are several main styles styles available to choose from - we cover a few of the most popular below:

Bow/Anchor Shackle

Anchor or bow shackles have a larger, rounded "O" shape look. Their rounded design allows them to take loads from many directions without developing significant side load.

They can also accommodate wider straps, offering added versatility.

The larger loop shape does have a downside, however. An anchor shackle has a lower working load limit than their chain-style counterparts.


Chain shackles are also known as D-shackles due to their "D" shape design. It's narrower than the bow or anchor style and generally has a threaded pin or pin close.

The smaller loop is designed to take heavy loads primarily in line, as side and racking loads may cause the shackle D ring shape to twist or bend.

There are also Wide D and Long D versions available.

Snap Shackle

A snap shackle is designed with a spring-activated mechanism so it can be used quickly and with one hand. These are handy for jobs where speed is important, or when an item needs to be hooked and unhooked often, but they are not recommended to secure heavy-duty loads.

Another benefit is that the pin design is built into the shackle, so it can't be lost.

Twisted Shackle

Twisted shackles offer a hook up from the same direction the pin is facing, making them ideal for certain limited hook up instances - you can attach from the side, rather than the front.

They are forged to create a 90 degree twist, which means the attachment points can be perpendicular without torquing.

Wide Body Shackle

This version has an increased bow radius. It creates a wider sling-bearing surface and load distribution area, which can lengthen the working lifespan of your sling and eliminate the need for a thimble.

Sling Saver Shackle

These also have a bow with an expanded radius - they increase the efficiency of the sling by at least 15%!

Galvanized vs. Stainless Steel Finishes

Galvanized metal and stainless steel both offer excellent protection from corrosion, making either a great choice.

In general, galvanized shackles are ideal for industrial applications where moisture is not a major issue. Galvanized steel has a coating of zinc oxide to protect the steel from elements that lead to corrosion and oxidation. It also tends to be less expensive than stainless steel, but still maintains the product's strength and durability.

Stainless steel shackles are more corrosive-resistant and are therefore ideal for marine applications. Ours are made of type 316 stainless steel, which is considered "marine grade." It contains molybdenum, which is resistant to ocean water mist or spray, so it's especially useful in extreme moisture conditions or in a high chloride environment.

Type 316 stainless equipment is ideal for sailing and yacht rigging uses.

Pin Types

The pin that locks a shackle can be a deciding factor on which will work best for your job. We carry loose pins, captive pins, round pins, screw pins, and bolt type pins.

Screw Pin Shackles are popular because they offer a pin that is easy to connect and disconnect.

Round Pins use a removable cotter pin. This is a good option for applications where the pin may be subjected to torque or twisting, but not for situations where it will be subjected to an axial load.

Captive Pins offer a pin that cannot be removed from the bow of the shackle, something that's essential for marine applications. It keeps the pin from accidentally falling out and into the water.

Bolt Type Pins are the ideal choice for permanent or long-term applications. It also performs well if there's a risk of a load sliding on the pin, causing it to rotate.

Shackles by Brand

Our wide range of shackles includes both domestic and import options, all of which meet federal specifications. They are all embossed with working load limit information for easy and fast identification.


As a leader in the industry, Crosby® takes no shortcuts when it comes to manufacturing a wide variety of high quality products to fit your needs. They offer benefits such as the highest design factor in the industry: 6:1, to ensure strength and ductility properties are met.

Crosby® shackles are each load- and fatigue-rated, and use pins and bows that are quenched and tempered to enhance performance in cold temps and other adverse conditions.

Chicago Hardware

Chicago Hardware is a trusted domestic brand that offers shackles with screw pins, bolt type pins, round pins, and more.

Van Beest

Van Beest shackles are a high-quality, European-made rigging product that meets all industry standards. They are easy to spot because they have a signature green pin.


Our selection of import options include a wide variety of types that are all made to meet federal specifications for rigging safety. These are great for those looking for a more economical choice.


Not sure which shackle is right for you? Trying to decide between a screw pin anchor shackle and a bolt-type version? Call to speak to one of our product experts today - they can answer any questions you may have, as well as help you place an order.