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Connecting Links & Swivels

Connecting Links & Swivels

Hammerlocks, Swivel Chain Links, & More

Connecting your rigging components together is simple with the right hardware. Depending on the hardware - including hammerlocks, chain swivels, and chain connecting links - you can connect a chain to a masterlink, connect two pieces of chain together, or connect your lifting sling to end hardware.

Hammerlock Coupling Links

Hammerlocks or coupling links are a popular choice because they can be added to an assembly on-site. 

The halves are separated, attached to the chain or other component, then they are easily joined back together by hammering a pin through the center with a hammer.

Our hammerlocks are available for lifting-approved chain grades - 80, 100, and 120. We even offer Crosby LOK-A-LOY connecting links that can be used with both grade 80 and 100 chain for added versatility.

Chain Swivel Links

Designed to allow full rotation even after you've connected your components together, chain swivels are ideal for applications where you need to rotate while positioning the load. Used to join a chain sling with a fixed connection point, it helps to prevent side loads and improves worksite safety.

Made from either galvanized or stainless steel, our chain swivels offer high strength and corrosion resistance.

Note: Swivels are positioning devices only and should not be rotated under load.

Chain Connecting Links

If a shackle or hammerlock won't work for your rigging setup, consider a chain connection link. Like a coupling link, they are also easy to install. The standard connecting link can be joined with just a hammer, while the C link requires a tool that can bend the metal.


Not sure which chain connection hardware is right for you? Call to speak to one of our product experts today. They can answer any questions you may have about hammerlocks or any of our other connecting links.

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