Lifting Points

Choosing the right lifting point can be the difference between a successful lift and one filled with trouble. US Cargo Control proudly sells some of the best lifting points in the industry from Crosby®.

Swivel Hoist Rings

Swivel Hoist Rings provide a useful and convenient alternative to standard eye bolts. Unlike standard eye bolts which are static, hoist rings can pivot and swivel at the base, allowing them to rotate freely with the motion of the load. The ring pivots 180° and the base swivels 360° using a swivel bushing to allow lifting in any direction, all while keeping the ring aligned with the direction of force for maximum load capacity and safety.

Hoist Ring Options

Not all applications are alike, which is why we carry multiple lifting point options so you can choose the rigging hardware that best suits your application.

HR-125 Swivel Hoist Rings

These sturdy hoist rings are available in multiple sizes and working load limit options. The top washer has the working load limit and recommended toque value permanently stamped into it and is color-coded red for easy identification (RED = UNC Thread).

HR-1000 Heavy Lift Swivel Hoist Rings

Heavy Lift Hoist Rings are designed for increased toughness to stand up to potentially harsh field conditions. Featuring a larger opening than standard hoist ring bails, it's even easier to attach sling hooks and other lifting fittings for quick securement.

Crosby® SL-150 Slide Loc® Hoist Rings

Slide Loc® Hoist Rings feature a patent-pending locking mechanism that allows for tool-free installation of the swivel bolt and hoist ring. The same locking mechanism easily slides back to make the hoist ring ready for lifting. A red QUIC-CHECK® mark helps the user quickly identify whether the Crosby SL-150 Slide-Loc™ is ready for the lift.

Rigging Supplies and Hardware

US Cargo Control carries a large selection of Rigging Supplies and Rigging Hardware including shackles, eye bolts, lifting slings, chain, and much more.

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